Mason Co., KY - 1797 Deed, Trustees of German Town to Samuel Reves

1797 Deed - Trustees to Samuel Reves

Deed - Trustees of German Town to Samuel Reves

Mason County, Kentucky
Deed Book B, p. 102-103
11 Dec 1797
FHL Film #0281783, Part 1

This Indenture, made and entered into, this eleventh day of December in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and ninety Seven Between us, David Chiles, Spencer Records, Whitfield Craig & Thomas Hubbard of the County of Mason and State of Kentucky of the one part, who being duly authorized and appointed by Law to make and execute Deeds as Trustees for the Town of German Town lying and being in the Counties of Mason Bracken and State afforesaid, and Samuel Reves of Mason County and State afforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that we the said Trustees, for and in consideration of the sum of ten pounds current money of Kentucky, to us in hand paid the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledged (sic) for the use of Philaman Thomas, his heirs or assigns, the former proprietors of the plot of Land of the plot of Land (sic) appointed by Law for the said German Town, Have bargained, sold and delivered, and do by these presence, grant bargain, sell and unto the the said Samuel Reves, his Heirs or assigns, The following Lotts, To wit, no. Sixty being an out Lott containing seven and and ¼ acres and No. forty nine containing five acres in the plot of said Town. To have and to hold, the afforesaid Lot of land with all their appurtenances to the said Samuel Reves his heirs and forever To his proper use and behoof and we the said Trustees, for ourselves our heirs and each of our heirs, do, covenant to and with the said Samuel Reves his heirs and assigns, That the said premises herein bargained, is now, and forever here after shall remain free and clear of and from all incumbrances whatsoever Hereto made done or suffered, and lastly we the said (word stricken) Trustees for ourselves, our heirs, the said bargained premises and every part and parcel thereof to the said Samuel Reves his heirs and assigns, we the said Trustees will warrant and forever defend in fee simple, against all the claims of us, the said Trustees, our heirs and against the claims of every person or persons whatsoever. In Witness whereof, we the said trustees have hereunto set our hands and affixed our Seals, this year and day first above written.
Signed Sealed and Delivered  }                                David Chiles (LS)
in the presence of us                  }                                Spencer Records (LS)
Robert Elrod                                                                  Whifd. Craig (LS)
Issachar Davis                                                               Thos. Hubbard (LS)
Aderson Doniphan
Thomas Robison

State of Kentucky, Washington District Sct
I Francis Taylor Clerk of the Washington District Court (being authorized by Law to receive and admit to record, in my office Deeds & other writings) Do Certify that this Indenture from David Chiles Spencer Records Whitfiel Craig & Thomas Hubbard Trustees of the Town of German Town to Samuel Reeves was on the first day of May Instant produced before me Acknowledged by the said Spencer Record & Whitfield Craig and the third day of the same month it was acknowledged by the said David Chiles & is duly recorded in my office Given under my hand this 3rd day of May 1798 ~
                                                                        Francis Taylor

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