Smith County, TN - Family Bible of William Reeves

William Reeves (Reaves) Family Bible

Family Bible - William Reeves (Reaves)


William Reaves was born June 1805.
Jemima Reaves wife of William Reaves was born Oct. 1st 1815.
(Blank) was born April 7th 1834
John J. Reaves was born February 20th 1836.
William Reaves, Jr. was born March 12th 1839.
William H. Downing was born April 1st 1836.
(Child of Jemima & 1st husband ... Downing).
Elizabeth Ann Reaves was born August 18th 1843.
Ruth C. Reaves was born Oct. 24, 1844.
Paulin--e--a Reeves was Borne February 21, 1846.
Add--a--line Reeves was born July 26, 1848.
James Reeves was Borne Octor the 27, 1851.
Rhoda Reeves was Borne Decr the 8 1852.


William Reaves and Ruth Campbell was married March the 7th 1833.
William Reaves was married to Jemima Downing November 1st day 1842.
William H. Downing & Elizabeth Emme--r--son Wheeler was married March the 31st 1857.
James J. McGlocklin & Elizabeth Anny Reeves was married January the 12th 1860.


William Reaves Departed this life Nov. 18th 1852.
Ruth Reaves Departed this life March 28th 1839.
John Reeves Departed this life June 1856.
Elizabeth Ann Reeves Deceased This Life Dec the 17th 1863.
Benjamin S. Downing departed this life January 14th 1873.
Jamima ... Reeves Departed this life Feb. 16th 1881.
Minie C. Edmunds Departed this life Sept. 1st 1888.
Pauline Reeves Meglocklin Died Feb. 27th 1891.
Adline Reaves Everett Died Oct. 12th 1904.
Rhoda Reeves Drane Died Aug. 17th 1906.
Ruth Reeves Meglockin Died March 13th 1908
Loulie Drane Died Feb. 22nd 1910.
Mary B. Drane Settle Died June 19th 1911.
Nancy C. Drane Died Nov. 16th 1924.
Bettie H. Edmunds Died Dec. 15th 1914.


Eugene N. Drane and Rhoda M. Reeves Was Married Nov. 23rd 1871.
Eugene N. Drane Sr. and Bettie H. Edmunds was married Nov 23rd 1910.
Eugene N. Drane Sr. and Nancy C. McGlocklin was married July 8th 1920.


Leslie Drane was Borne March 21st 1873.
Marie Belle Drane was Borne May 30th 1875; died 1911.
Lallie Page Drane Borne August 29th 1878; d. 1955.
Eugene N. Drane Jr. Borne Dec. 28th 1886.


A scan copy of these bible entries are contained in DAR Bible records:
California DAR GRC report; s6 v052; bible and family records [bk. 52]

A transcription of this bible was posted on Ancestry, 15 Feb 1999 by Sandi Gorin. There is no further information on the current whereabouts of the bible or its owner; however, it appears to have descended to the family of Rhoda Reeves Drane.