Fleming Co., KY 1841 Dower - Nancy Reeves

1841 Dower - Nancy Reeves

Dower of Nancy Reeves

Fleming County, Kentucky
Will Records Vol. G, p. 152
10 Mar 1841

Surveyed March the 10th 1841 under the directions of William W. Blair, George G. Lowry, and Robert Harper, who were acting under an order of the Fleming County Court to them directed to assign to Nancy Reeves her dower in the lands of George Reeves, her late husband deceased, and do assign the following tract including the mansion house lying on the waters of poplar run in sd. county containing seventy five acres and bounded as follows Beginning at a stone near a large poplar Wm. W. Blair corner, on James Ewings line thence with sd. line South 74º East 46 poles to a walnut and red oak sd. Ewings and Robt Harper corner thence with Harpers line South 68º East 66-6/10 poles to a stone George Bishops corner Thence with his line North 26º East 66 poles to a stone in a small drean (sic drain?) thence down the same with its meanders south 42º East 29 poles south 67º East 50 poles to a stone in strawberry run thence up the same North 41½ poles to an elm and beech on the east side of said run Thence North 68º west 178 poles to a stake on sd. Wm. W. Blairs line, Thence with his line south 210º west 96 poles to the Beginning.           Edwin P. Pouge

We the undersigned commissioners submit the above as our report to our next county court.
                                                                        Robert Harper
                                                                        Geo. G. Lowry
                                                                        Wm. W. Blair

At a Court held for Fleming County on the 22d. day of March 1841, This allotment of Dower to Nancy Reeves was produced in court examined and ordered to be recorded which is duly done.
                                                    Att       W. T. Dudley, Clk
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