Reeves, George (1786 VA? - 1841 KY)

Reeves, George

Reeves, George


Father: Asa Reeves
Mother: Sarah Unknown (surname is listed in various online sources as Lambert but there is no documentation)

Birth: c1786, Prince William County, Virginia
Birth Source: Asa Reeves was still a taxpayer in PWC Virginia in 1788

Death: before Mar 1841, Fleming County, Kentucky
Death Source: Dower of Nancy Reeves, widow of George Reeves was surveyed 10 Mar 1841, Fleming County Will Records Vol G, p. 152

Spouse1: Nancy Hiday, b. 1785 in Pennsylvania, married on 3 Aug 1805 in Fleming County, Kentucky


Children of George Reeves and Nancy Hiday:
  1. David H. Reeves, b. c1806
  2. Susannah Reeves, b. c1808
  3. Nancy Reeves, m. William F. Courtney
  4. Elizabeth Reeves, b. c1817, m. William Donaldson on 2 Sep 1843
  5. James Mason Reeves, b. c1819
  6. John N. Reeves, b. c1822
  7. Mary Reeves, m. John D. Stewart
  8. Sarah Reeves
  9. Asa O. Reeves, b. 1827, m. Amanda E. Prater on 24 Jun 1858

There was a chancery suit in Fleming County mentioned in deed records from 1844 in which Benjamin Rolph was the complainant against "Sarah Reeves, David Reeves, Nancy Reeves, John D Stewart and Mary his wife, John N Reeves, James M Reeves, Susannah Rock William Donaldson Elizabeth his wife, William F Courtney and Nancy his wife & Sarah Reeves and Asa Reeves infants of George Reeves decd all heirs of law of said George." In the following deed, "Nancy Reeves widow of George Reeves deceased David Reeves and Sarah his wife, John N Reeves, James M Reeves, Susannah Rock, John D Stewart and Mary his wife, William F Courtney and Nancy his wife, William Donaldson and Elizabeth his wife" all sell a piece of land to Benjamin Rolph that George had bought from David and Sarah Reeves. (DB Z, p182).

Although there is no documentation of the children of George and Nancy Reeves, James Mason Reeves was living in the 1850 household of Nancy Reeves. David H. Reeves, listed in the probate documents of George Reeves' Estate, and all of the other children except Susannah are living in the two residences adjacent to Nancy Reeves in the 1850 census.

In the 1830 census, a George Reeves was listed in Fleming County as the Keeper of the Poorhouse.


1810 Census:  Fleming County, Kentucky
1820 Census:  Fleming County, Kentucky
1830 Census:  Fleming County, Kentucky
1850 Census:  Fleming County, Kentucky (Nancy Reeves, HOH)

Fleming County Will Records Vol G, p. 152
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