1851 Will - Vashti Reeves

1851 Will - Vashti Reeves

1851 Will - Vashti Reeves


Burlington County, New Jersey
Will Records 15798C
9 Jun 1851


I Vashti Reeves of the town of Mount Holly in the County of Burlington and State of New Jersey, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, viz.
First, I order and direct my executors to pay all my just debts and funeral expences as soon as can conveniently be done after my decease.
Second, I give and bequeath unto my sister Jemima Bullock, (wife of Samuel Bullock) all my wearing apparel
Third, I direct & order my executors hereinafter named, to invest the sum of five thousand dollars, upon good and safe landed security, and the interest arising therefrom, to be collected in and paid yearly and every year, to my aforesaid sister Jemima Bullock, during her natural life and at her decease I direct the aforesaid sum of five thousand dollars to be paid to my niece Emma Bullock, daughter of my said sister, provided she shall be of lawfull age at the time; but in case my niece Emma Bullock shall be in her minority and under the age of sixteen years, I then direct the interest aforesaid to be appropriated to the education maintenance & bringing up of said Emma until she attains said age of sixteen, after which period I direct the said interest to be paid yearly and every year to my said niece Emma Bullock for her particular use & benefit, and at her discretion until she arrives to the age of twenty one years, at which time I order and direct the principal sum aforesaid, together with the interest due thereon, to be paid to her the said Emma Bullock
I order and direct my executors to invest the sum of one thousand dollars upon good landed security and the interest arising thereon to be applied to the use & benefit of Franklin Reeves son of Isaac Reeves, at their discretion, until he attains the age of twenty one years at which time I direct the principal to be paid to him his heirs & assigns forever.
Fourth, I give and bequeath to my brother in law Samuel Bullock the sum of one hundred Dollars
Fifth, I give and bequeath to the Preparative Meeting of the Society of Friends at Mount Holly the sum of one hundred Dollars, to be appropriated for the benefit and support of poor friends belonging to said meeting.
Sixth I give and bequeath unto Aunt, Mary Carr, the sum of two hundred Dollars, to be handed out and paid to her at the discretion of my executors, whenever deemed most advisable
Seventh, I give and bequeath unto Almira Rogers daughter of Clayton Rogers, the sum of fifty Dollars
Eighth, the unity issues, interest & profits of the residue of my estate, whatsoever and wheresoever, real or personal I give and bequeath unto my Aunt Ann Reeves, and desire the same be paid to her during her natural life; and that she be allowed to use, occupy & enjoy personal goods & chattels and also my real estate, during her natural life, and at her decease I give devise and bequeath the said residue to the aforesaid Emma Bullock the interest whereof to be managed & appropriated as directed in the third Item of this my will - and in the event of my Aunt Anns death before the said Emma arrives to the age of twenty one years, and my surviving executor should deem it most advisable for the benefit of the estate, to sell the whole or any part of the real estate or personal goods, in preference to attaining them for her until she attains said age, I leave said executor at his discretion so to do, authorizing said executor to execute good and sufficient conveyance for the real estate if sold
Ninth In case my said niece Emma Bullock should not live to heir the legacies & bequests herein bequeathed and devided to her, my will is, and I direct the same to be equally divided, between the children of my Aunt Mary Carr; the children of my uncle Isaiah Reeves Decd (except Benjamin), Mary Witcraft & Rachel Albertson (children of my uncle Eli Reeves Deceased if living at the time of my decease) and Rebecca Reeves, Rachel Brown, Mary Reeves, Stacy Reeves & Anne Lytel, children of my uncle Abraham Reeves Deceased, share and share alike.
I nominate constitute and appoint my Aunt Ann Reeves executrix & my friend William Clothier executor of this my last Will and Testament
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this ninth day of the sixth month (June) in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and fifty one
Vashti Reeves
Signed sealed published pronounced }
and declared by the testatrix to be }
her last Will & Testament in }
the presence of us who have hereto }
subscribed our names as witnesses }
in the presence of each other }
& also in the presence of the testatrix }
Rebecca Wells
Sarah Haines

State of New Jersey Burlington County SS
Rebecca Wells one of the witnesses to the within will alleging herself to be conscienciously scrupulous of talking an oath & being duly affirmed according to law doth declare and say that she saw Vashti Reeves the testatrix therein named sign and seal the same and heard her publish pronounce and declare the within writing to be his last Will and Testament; and that at the doing thereof the said testatrix was of sound and disposing mind and memory as far as this affirmant knows and as she verily believes; and that Sarah J Haines the other subscribing evidence was present at the same time and signed her name as witness to the said Will together with this affirmant and in the presence of the said testatrix.
Rebecca Wells
Affirmed & subscribed at Mount }
Holly, county & state afore }
said February 18th AD 1852 }
before me
Benj Buckenan Surrogate


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