DNA Group 00 - Root Page

DNA Group 00 Root

DNA Group 00 - Root Page

DNA Group 00 corresponds to the Ungrouped pool of results in our companion Y-DNA Project at FtDNA. Unlike all the groups of matched results, we, the TRP admins, do not invest significant effort to reflect the current status of the Ungrouped pool at FtDNA here in TRP. We hope that eventually your DNA kit will find its match(es) and form part of a new group. However, any TRP member who has taken a Y-DNA test is welcome to contribute information about their wider family and line of descent and we'll happily help you reflect it here, pending receipt of a match. If you results are sitting in the unmatched pool because your most recent Reeves ancestor was female, please review DNA Group XX.

DNA Group 00 - TRP Co-ordinator

DNA Group 00 currently has no Group Co-ordinator within The Reeves Project. If you have an interest in this group and would like to know what a Group Co-ordinator does, please contact the TRP Admin Team. This would be a great group for a female community member who has no living male R*v*s relative to take a DNA test to offer to co-ordinate.

DNA Group 00 - Tested Lines

Line Number DNA Donor TRP Member Interested Party
  975897 Merle Reeves Clesa Reeves
  979495 Mark Thomas Reeves Yes
  981236 Robert Reeve Yes

See page DNA Group nn - Lines of Descent, where we share information provided by the DNA Donors.