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DNA Group xx Root

DNA Group XX - Root Page

DNA Group XX - TRP Coordinator

Within The Reeves Project, Martin B serves as the coordinator for DNA Group XX.

DNA Group XX - Tested Lines

NB     The feature common amongst all members of this DNA Group is that their most recent R*v*(s) ancestor was female. Whilst they have taken a Y-DNA test to progress their wider research, they do not expect to find Y-DNA matches within the other (numeric) Reeves Y-DNA groups.

But is possible that the father or other male relative of their most recent female R*v*(s) ancestor will be a member of one of our numeric DNA Groups.   See DNA Group XX Home Page for additional information about this special group.

Line Number DNA Donor TRP Member Interested Party
    211417 Robert Carroll Eastridge   (deceased)
    414245 Thomas J Sharon J
    451129 TB Yes
    485818 DC Yes
    965164 Jack McGehee III
    971015 Joseph Hubbell Yes
   B44127 Paul Allen Yes
  B586936 B Strickland Beverly Robinson
  B855196 Floyd Dowell Yes
 IN56923 DS

See page DNA Group nn - Lines of Descent, where we share information provided by the DNA Donors.
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