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The Current Story for Group XX

TL;DR     The feature common amongst all members of this DNA Group is that their most recent R*v*(s) ancestor was female. Whilst they have taken a Y-DNA test to progress their wider research, they should not expect to find Y-DNA matches within the other (numeric) Reeves Y-DNA groups.

This Group in our DNA Project is a little different to all the other Groups where we have identified the members as having shared Y-DNA.

If you (or your DNA donor) are male and you have taken a Y-DNA test, when you joined the Reeves DNA Project the testing company FtDNA automatically added you to our project's "ungrouped" results. Now if your surname is Reeves (or one of the many variants) or you know you have multiple Y-DNA matches to other members of the Reeves DNA Project, that makes perfectly good sense.

But what if your most recent Reeves ancestor was female and that is your reason for joining and supporting the Reeves DNA Project?   Since Y-DNA only passes directly from father to son, you would have no expectation of a Y-DNA match with other Reeves DNA Project members. (The one exception would be if you and a male cousin from your paternal line have both joined the Reeves DNA Project because of your shared interest in a female Reeves ancestor. You will still match each other, but your matches will show an affinity with a surname other than Reeves.)

Placing the test results for individuals with a female most recent Reeve(s) ancestor in DNA Group XX helps to reduce the size of the ungrouped pool. When new Y-DNA results are added to the DNA project's ungrouped pool, this makes it easier for those members hoping to find a Reeves match with others in our project.

If your most recent Reeves ancestor was female and your Y-DNA results are part of the Reeves Y-DNA Project at FtDNA, then please let us know by completing the DNA Groups - Permission from Donor email described here.

All the project's other DNA Groups are numeric; so you may be wondering why we designated this group as "DNA Group XX"? The "XX" in this group's name recognises that these members have a female as their most recent Reeves ancestor and she would have had an XX chromosome pair rather than a male XY pair.

The Reeves DNA Project values the support of all its members. If you are not already a member of The Reeves Project (TRP), our companion project where we work together to document our ancestors, their wider families and our lines of descent, please consider joining us. You'll find more information about TRP here and you'll need to complete our membership request form.

Group XX - General Discussion

Please use the DNA Group XX talk_ page to comment on or discuss any information on this Group Home Page or to discuss any of the Families within this DNA Group

Group XX - Our Lines and People

Whilst we are happy to see Lines of Descent contributed by members of this DNA Group, you should keep in mind that your most recent female Reeves family member may already be a part of one of our existing DNA Groups and/or she may feature on one of our many FamilyOf pages. If a Person Page does not yet exist in TRP for your female most recent Reeves ancestor (or her parents), please consider adding a page for her.