DNA Group 10 - Root Page

DNA Group 10 Root

DNA Group 10 - Root Page

DNA Group 10 - TRP Co-ordinator

Within The Reeves Project, Jonathan Reeves serves as the coordinator for DNA Group 10.

DNA Group 10 - Tested Lines

Line Number DNA Donor TRP Member Interested Party
   20663 Robert F Reeves Yes
   76944 Melvin D Reeves
  175045 James D Reeves Yes
  235418 William F Reeve Yes
  246986 Gary Reeves Barton Lewis
  265153 Roger D Reeves Tammy Reeves
  273935 Jon P Reeves Lois Downey
  275491 Steve Reeves Janice Cronan
  277500 Michael C Reeves Tanya Reeves
  322887 Robert L Reeves Yes
 330800 Ernest L Reeves
  344669 Jonathan Reeves Yes
  350446 John P Rives Allan Lance
  376183 Dwain Reeves
 813319 JR Yes
 831629 KWR
  906228 MR
  959374 David Reeve Holly Witt
  985834 Alvin Reeves Yes
  994126 David Reeves Yes
  B81285 Tim S Reeves Yes
  B95083 Steven W Reeves Yes
 B327690 Eric Reeves Yes
   N51874 John R Reeves Yes
 N202405 Larry Reeves Yes
 X200902 Charles A Reeves Jr Yes

See page DNA Group 10 - Lines of Descent, where we share information provided by the DNA Donors.