FAQ - DNA Groups - TRP Members Lists


FAQ - DNA Groups - TRP Members Lists

Each DNA Group has two similar but discrete lists within its pages.
  • The list "DNA Group nn - Tested Lines" on the group's Root Page is limited to the DNA Donors (or the manager of their DNA sample).
    Whilst we would hope that everybody of the Reeves surname who has invested in taking a Y-DNA test to explore their paternal roots, would want to become a member of TRP that is sadly not the case. TRP also welcomes those of any surname whose Y-DNA shows an affinity with the Reeves surname.   We will only publish a Line of Descent where TRP has explicit permission or where permission had previously been given for its inclusion on the public Results Page of the former Reeves Y DNA Project website which was hosted at Rootsweb.
    (Those Rootsweb pages are no longer maintained by Barry and are currently not available online following the issues reported by Ancestry with the Rootsweb Sites. The content from those Rootsweb pages is being slowly transitioned to the corresponding DNA pages of TRP).
  • The list on the wiki page "DNA Group nn - TRP Members" is open to all TRP members with a proven link to that DNA Group. This FAQ relates to the "DNA Group nn - TRP Members" pages only.

Determining DNA Group Membership

[+] Why have I been included on the members page of DNA Group nn?

[+] How do I get included on the members page of DNA Group nn?

[+] How do I get removed from the members page of DNA Group nn?

[+] I've another query about page "DNA Group nn - TRP Members".

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