FAQ - What content to include in a Person Page


Q:   What Content should I include in a Person Page

A:   As much as you know!

The Person page is split into three or four parts parts, the Summary, the Narrative, the optional Research Notes and the Sources.

The first part, the Summary, seeks to uniquely identify the subject individual with a limited amount of basic information.

        — Name of Father
        — Name of Mother

        — Date and Place of Birth of the subject individual
        — Principle source of the Birth Information

        — Date and Place of Death of the subject individual
        — Principle source of the Death Information

        — Name of first Spouse
        — (Name of subsequent spouse(s))

In this summary, you are asked to keep the information brief, a single line for each item should suffice.

The second part, the Narrative, is entirely free format. However, you are asked to please limit the content to the life of the subject individual. Listing their children is appropriate, but the life stories of each child is not. Create a new Person Page for each child if appropriate. For additional information see the FAQ regarding Listing Children on a Person Page.

The Narrative should include references to the sources used. (Full citations should be given in the Sources part which follows.)

The third part, the Research Notes, is optional and is free format.

The final part, the Sources is also free format. This section should include information about all sources cited in the previous two sections. The information should be sufficient such that another researcher can clearly identify the documents used and (where they aren't held in private collections) consult them. It is helpful if the sources are listed in chronological sequence.

One of the great features of a Wiki is the ability to link content together, in much the same way that family historians aim to link individuals. You are encouraged to create links from the subject individual to the Person Pages for his Father, Mother and offspring, where there is enough known information to justify a new page for that individual.

See also FAQ Linking Person Pages, FAQ Listing Children on a Person Page and FAQ Recording Dates