FAQ - Naming Wiki Pages subordinate to a US County


This page builds upon the convention outlined in page FAQ_US_County_Naming.   It details how pages subordinate to the County page in the State structure should be named. (This guidance equally applies to county equivalents, such as Louisiana's Parishes and Alaska's Boroughs).

These subordinate pages will typically represent the various sources relating to the county from which gleanings have been made. They may be created by any TRP User. Ask via your Mentor Team to get them added to the State structure.

TL;DR The guiding principle is that the state two letter code should always appear immediately before the county name and be separated by an underscore character when included as part of a wiki page name, so for example NY_Albany.

A subordinate page name can be brief/succinct. Appending the county name with the abbreviation Co or the word County is permissible, but not required nor encouraged. Both the Page Description and Page Alias allow for a richer description of the page's purpose and content. This page deals exclusively with conventions for page names.

For illustrative purposes only, this page uses the county of Albany in New York state. No consideration is given to historical accuracy in these illustrations; the county may not have been created until after the time of some of these illustrative examples.

If a historical district needs to be differentiated from a county of the same name then the word District may be appended, for example NY_Albany for the county and NY_Albany_District for the historical district of the same name. Where the geographical area of the county and former district are similar, the two be may treated as one. This can be explained within the content of the county page and the dates of gleanings etc will separate one from the other.

For any one county there may be many distinct sources, under which we may wish to arrange gleanings. This might include Apprenticeship records, general Court records, Deed records, Militia rolls, Probate records and Tax records to name but a few. These records would be arranged under pages with names such as NY_Albany_Apprenticeships, NY_Albany_Deeds and NY_Albany_Probate, sitting at the third level of a state hierarchy.

US Federal Census entries are grouped under a third level page with a name such as US_Federal_Census_NY_Albany. Each decade then has a page with name of the form US_Federal_Census_1790_NY_Albany sitting at the fourth level under page US_Federal_Census_NY_Albany.

For our example county, we might expect to see some of the following pages within the state's structure.
  1. US_State_NY
    1. NY_County_Albany
      1. NY_Albany_Apprenticeships
      2. NY_Albany_Bibles
      3. NY_Albany_Court
      4. NY_Albany_Deeds
      5. NY_Albany_Military
      6. NY_Albany_Probate
      7. NY_Albany_Tax_Lists
      8. US_Federal_Census_NY_Albany
        1. US_Federal_Census_1790_NY_Albany
        2. US_Federal_Census_1800_NY_Albany
        3. US_Federal_Census_1810_NY_Albany
        4. US_Federal_Census_1820_NY_Albany
        5. US_Federal_Census_1830_NY_Albany
        6. US_Federal_Census_1840_NY_Albany