Munday, Thomas (c1707 VA - 1769 VA)

Thomas Munday

Munday, Thomas


Father: Thomas Munday
Mother: Mary Reeves

Birth: circa 1707, Essex County, Virginia
Birth Source: Named as legatee in 1709 will of his grandmother, Elizabeth Reeves

Death: before June 1769, Essex County, Virginia
Death Source: Essex County WB 12, pgs 374-375



Thomas Munday was named as a legatee in the 1709 will of his grandmother, Elizabeth Reeves in addition to being named in the 1748 will of his mother, Mary Reeves Munday.

On 4 December 1755, a Thomas Munday cast votes for James Garnett and John Upshaw for burgesses of Essex County. [Essex County, Virginia, Deed Book 27, pages 248–252.]

On the 20th of June 1769, were the Estate of Thomas Munday was assigned to be appraised by the Essex County Court. That inventory and appraisal was recorded on 20th October 1769.

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