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Errors of The Reeves Review II

John Reeves

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Lineage is incorrect as established by DNA and probate records of Granville County NC, i.e. (William, William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert).

While John Reeves is very probably a grandson of William Reeves who died in Granville County, North Carolina in 1751, he was not a son and was not listed in the will of William Reeves as an heir.

John Reeves, listed as the father of Fannie Reeves, Thompson Reeves, Frederick Reeves, Loftin Reeves and Wylie Reeves was not the John Reeves listed in 1755 Tax List of Granville County, NC with son Thomas.

According to all census records, Thompson Reeves was born circa 1800 in South Carolina. John Reeves, the probable father of Thompson, is listed in the census of Pendleton District, SC in 1790 and in 1800 as over 45, but it is unrealistic to believe that he was the John Reeves of the Granville tax lists of 1755 who would have been approximately 100 years old in 1800.

Additionally Wiley Reeves who married Rebecca Thompson (NOT Ransome) in Granville County, NC on 24 November 1788 was the son of William Reeves who died in York County, SC in 1821. See York County Probate Records of the Estate of William Reeves, Case Nbr. 45, File 1904 as well as the 1822 Estate of Elizabeth Reeves, which both name Wiley as an heir. In addition he was an administrator of the Estate of his father, William Reeves.

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