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Errors of The Reeves Review II

Malachi Reeves, Jr.

Page 13, ID #108.i
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The only reference to a Malachi Reeves, Jr. is in the 1767 Granville Tax Lists. This appears to be an instance of the terms Senr and Junr being used to differentiate between the older individual of that name and the younger which was a common practice by tax accessors/census takers. There are no documents in Granville that would indicate that Malachi Reeves had a son Malachi, Jr. There is no record that a Malachi Reeves, Jr. existed however Malachi the son of James Reeves was still living in Granville County after his father had removed to an area of Rowan County that later became Guilford. Malachi's presence in Granville County is evidenced by a deed of 1 Nov 1768 wherein his wife, Fortune, relinguished her dower rights.

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