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Errors of The Reeves Review II

Isaac Reeves

Page 13, ID #43
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Lineage is incorrect as established by DNA, i.e. (William, William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert).

There is no documentation in either the tax, land or probate records of Rowan County to indicate that Isaac Reeves ever lived there. There is however, an Isaac Reeves who is very probably the son of William Reeves who died in Granville County, North Carolina in 1751 recorded in Caswell County NC. In the Colonial Records of N.C., Vol. IX, 1771-1775, pg. 89., Isaac Reeves signed a petition in 1771 to divide Orange County to a certain line in Granville County and a certain line in Guilford County that would create Caswell County. He is listed in the tax records of the new Caswell County in 1777 and in various deeds and other records through 1781.

He appears to have relocated to Randolph County around 1780 for there is a deed dated 3 Oct 1781 recorded in Caswell County in Deed Book A, at Page 31, in which Isaac Reeve (also spelled Rives and Reeves) of Randolph County, NC, conveyed to Martha Wisdom of Caswell County, for 1000 lbs 150 Acres on N. Hico adj Bankston, Joseph Boren, to line of old Mr. Graves now possessed by James Bain, and Motherland. Wit: Thomas Douglass, Benj. Debow, Jennet Douglass. This appears to be the same 150 acres Isaac Reeves purchased from Peter Bankston on 1 Jan 1779.

There are no records in Caswell County naming any other Reeves who may be the children of Isaac or any records indicating the name of his wife or wives.

There is evidence that the James Reeves listed in the Reeves Review II on Page 19, ID #106 as his son, was in fact, the son of his nephew, Malachi Reeves, the son of James Reeves. Likewise, there is no record of a second son, Malachi, as named in that book.

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