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Errors of The Reeves Review II

Malachi Reeves

Page 13, ID 44
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Lineage is incorrect as established by DNA, i.e. (William, William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert).

A thorough search of the records of Granville County NC indicate that Malachi had a son, William, in addition to the other children attributed to him. Malachi Reeves is listed in the Granville Tax Lists of 1755 with 3 tithes - himself, William and negro Jackson. Malachi's son William Reeves was the individual who has previously been believed to be William Reeves, Jr., Malachi's brother, living in Granville NC until around 1792, then relocating to York SC.

There is no record that a Malachi Reeves, Jr. (108.i) existed, however Malachi the son of James Reeves was still living in Granville County after his father had removed to an area of Rowan County that later became Guilford. Malachi's presence in Granville County is evidenced by a deed of 1 Nov 1768 wherein his wife, Fortune, relinguished her dower rights.

Beriah B. Reeves (113.vi) is incorrectly listed as a son of Malachi Reeves son of William Reeves of Granville County, North Carolina. According to 1830 and 1840 census of Wilkes County, Georgia, Beriah B. Reeves was born between 1790 and 1800. From all evidence in Granville NC and York SC, Malachi Reeves died before 1790 after relocating to York County, South Carolina with his sons.

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