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Errors of The Reeves Review II

James Reeves

Page 19, ID #106
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Lineage is incorrect as established by historical records and DNA, i.e. (Isaac, William, William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert).

The Reeves Review identified James Reeves of Buncombe County as the son of Isaac Reeves, son of William Reeves who died in Granville County, North Carolina in 1751; however, there is no evidence to support a connection between Isaac and James Reeves of Buncombe.

An Isaac Reeves who appears to be the son of William Reeves of Granville, is recorded living in Caswell County from around 1771 when he signed the petition to divide Orange County to a certain line in Granville County and a certain line in Guilford County. This is apparently the same person named as Isaac Reeves of Randolph County, North Carolina in a deed dated 3 Oct 1781 and recorded in Caswell County Deed Book A, at Page 31. That deed conveyed a 150 acre tract of land to Martha Wisdom of Caswell County which appears to be the same 150 acres Isaac Reeves purchased from Peter Bankston on 1 Jan 1779. Since James Reeves married Elizabeth Wells in Guilford County in 1785 yet Isaac Reeves had already moved away from the area, there is no reason to suppose that James was his child.

A descendant of James Reeves' son Jesse Jefferson Reeves is participant number 36067 of the Reeves DNA Project and has been placed in Group #3 verifying that he does descend from William Reeves of Granville, North Carolina.

The most obvious family origin for James is the Reeves family who were living in Guilford County at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Wells. James Reeves named a grandson James as a legatee in his 1781 Guilford County will. A 1788 Rockingham County deed by the heirs of Malachi Reeves to Nathaniel Tatum names James, Thomas and Jesse Reeves as those heirs. Undoubtably this son of Malachi Reeves is the same Sidney James Reeves who married Elizabeth Wells on 11 Jan 1785 in Guilford County, North Carolina.

The fact that James Reeves and Elizabeth Wells were married in Guilford County as well as naming one son Malachi lends further credence to the belief that he was of the family of Malachi Reeves of Guilford County.

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