Reaves, Benjamin (c1750 NC? - c1820 NC)

Benjamin Reaves

Reaves, Benjamin


Father: Unknown

Birth: c1750
Birth Source:

Death: possibly after 1820, Montgomery County, North Carolina
Death Source:

Spouse1: Unknown


A Benjamin Reeves of Rowan County is recorded in the following land transactions which might apply to this Benjamin, but could also be a completely different, older Benjamin who was recorded in the tax lists of Rowan County as early as 1762:
  • Benjamin Reeves received a warrant for 100 acres on the mountain fork of Beaverdam Creek, Rowan County, entered February 1, 1790, Grant No. 2250 issued November 26, 1793.
  • Benjamin Reaves received a warrant for 100 acres on one of the head branches of Beaverdam Creek, Rowan County, entered January 28, 1794, Grant No. 2592 issued December 2, 1799.
  • Benjamin Reaves is on the 1794 tax list of Captain Davis of Bald Mountain District, Rowan County. There is no date on the tax list itself, but an archivist has dated it in pencil as 1794. The land lay largely on Cabin and Lick Creeks.
  • Benjamin Reeves was on the 1796 tax list of Capt. Michael Fisher, Bald Mountain (present day Davidson County), area of Rowan. He was recorded with 175 acres, 1 tithe and no slaves.
  • Benja Reeves and David Hicks are on the 1800 list of persons who failed to give in their taxable property.
  • The last listing found for Benjamin Reeves in the Rowan County Tax Lists is in 1805 where he is listed with the same 175 acres of land and once again with 1 tithe.

Benjamin Reaves received two land grants recorded as being in Rowan County, North Carolina - one in 1793 and another in 1798; however these grants on Beaverdam Creek appear to have been in Montgomery County. The grant of 1798 indicates that the tract was located on the county line which was presumably Montgomery County.

Benjamin is recorded in various tax lists of Rowan County in the 1790's through 1805. Benjamin is listed in the 1800 Census of Rowan under the surname "Reevs." The 1790 census of Montgomery County, North Carolina lists Samuel Reaves, Josiah Reaves and William Reaves, but not Benjamin.

A Benjamin Reaves is recorded in Montgomery County in 1810 with a household consisting of 2 Males 16-25, 1 Male >45, 1 Female 10-15, 2 Females 16-25 and 1 Female >45. Also recorded in that census living in Montgomery County were Jesse, Josiah and Samuel Reaves whose relationships to Benjamin are unknown.

Grant #2593 was issued on 17 Dec 1819 to Benjamin Reaves for 17 acres on the northeast side of the Yadkin River in Montgomery County.

It is unknown whether this is the same Benjamin Reaves who is recorded as receiving North Carolina Military Land Warrant #1108 for service as a private in the Continental Line. That warrant was assigned to John McNees by Benjamin Reaves and Grant #1264 for 640 acres on the north side of the Cumberland River in Tennessee was issued on 10 Dec 1790.

From Stewart County, Tennessee Deed Book D, Page 328:
John ALLEN, Sheriff, to Bennett SEARCY & John C. McLEMORE (Davidson County), 3 tracts on Duck Spring Creek; pursuant to Apr 1797 Davidson County Court judgment in favor of John WALKER, surviving partner of William LORD and John WALKER, against Benjamin SHEPHERD, administrator of John McNEESE, deceased; Sarah McNEESE, Nancy McNEESE, Hannah McNEESE, and Mary McNEESE, heirs of John McNEESE, failed to appear at July 1812 Court to defend the suit, so the lands of John McNEESE were ordered to be sold: (1) 640a (grant #796, warrant #3928, granted by NC to John McNEESE, assignee of Edge MOTT), (2) 1000a (grant #794, warrant #3530, granted by NC to John McNEESE, assignee of John APPLETON), (3) 640a (grant #1264, warrant #1108, granted by NC to John McNEESE, assignee of Benjamin REEVES); 19 Jan 1813, registered 19 Jan 1813 in Montgomery County, 22 Jan 1813 in Stewart County.

Research Notes

This may also be the Benjamin Reeves who appeared in Bedford County, Tennessee circa 1820.


1800 Census:  Rowan County, North Carolina (Reevs)
1810 Census:  Montgomery County, North Carolina

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