Reaves, Benjamin S. ( - )


Reaves, Benjamin S.


Father: Archibald Reaves, Sr.
Mother: Elizabeth Caldwell

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In an 1847 Power of Attorney made in Wilcox County, Alabama, but recorded in Bedford County, Moses Reaves appointed Benjamin S. Reaves his lawful attorney for anything that "may be owing or coming to me from the estate of Archibald Reaves Senr late of Bedford County in the State of Tennessee, deceased." A month afterwards, he transfered "to William H. Wisener all the interest of Archibald Reaves" in the estate "of his Brother George Reaves deceased" which was "the same interest conveyed to me by said Archibald Reaves." The power of attorney appears to indicate that both he and his Moses were living in Wilcox County, Alabama in 1847.

In 1851, his brother Archibald and his wife Ann sold sold land in Allenton which had been "formerly occupied by B. S. Rives." This could indicate that Benjamin S. Reaves had died by this time.

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