Reaves, George W. (1811 SC - 1897 SC)

Reaves, George W

Reaves, George W.


Father: Charles Reaves
Mother:Sarah Ann Hodges

Birth: 27 Dec 1811, Marion County, South Carolina
Birth Source: 1850 Census and Bio of Charles Reaves from Marion County history, pub. 1902

Death: 21 Feb 1896, Marion County, South Carolina
Death Source: Lineage Book: Daughters of the American Revolution, 1903

Spouse1: Unknown Carmichael
Spouse2: Unknown Brown, m. c1835
Spouse3: Elizabeth Watson, m. c1847
Spouse4: Emma Rogers


Children of George W. Reaves and Miss Brown:
  1. Sarah Reaves, b. 1837
  2. Joseph Reaves, b. 1839
  3. Pamela Reaves, b. 1841
  4. Charles Reaves, b. 1846
Children of George W. Reaves and Elizabeth Watson:
  1. James Robert Reaves, b. 1848
  2. Mary E. Reaves
Children of George W. Reaves and Emma Rogers:
  1. George R. Reaves, b. 1863
  2. John H. Reaves
  3. William L. Reaves, b. 1868
  4. Edward S. Reaves, b. 1869

From the History of Marion County:
...George W. Reaves married four times —not being a very old man at the time of his fourth marriage; he was born in 1811, and died, I think, in 1896 or 1897; his first wife was a Miss Carmichael, of what is now Carmichael Township, a sister of the late Neill C. Carmichael ; she lived only about a year, and died childless; he married, a second time, a Miss Brown; by her he had some children, how many is not known. There were one or two sons by this marriage, who were killed or died in the war, and a daughter, who married someone, and soon became a widow;
I know nothing more of her. His Brown wife died, I think, in 1846 or 7; he married in a few months. Miss Elizabeth Watson, who has hereinbefore been spoken of; by her he raised two children, James Robert Reaves and Mary E. Reaves, now Mrs. Murphy —heretofore noticed. The Watson wife died, and he married a Miss Rogers, of the Fork, a daughter of the late Captain John Rogers; by her he had and raised four sons, George R. Reaves, John Reaves, William Reaves and Edward Reaves; the latter is a Baptist preacher of high standing, and is pastor of some church in the upper part of the State. These sons of George W. Reaves are all respectable and valued citizens, and are a part of the bone and sinews of the county, married and contributing their full share to the citizenship and general prosperity of the county. The father, George W. Reaves, was a good citizen and a prominent church man, weighed, avoirdupois (?), three hundred pounds, or more.
A History of Marion County, South Carolina, From Its Earliest Times to the Present, 1902 by W. W. Sellers, Esq., Columbia, S. C., The R. I. Bryan Company.