Reaves, Jesse (c1777 NC - c1860 NC)


Reaves, Jesse


Father: Unknown

Birth: 1777, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1850 and 1860 of Census of Montgomery County, NC

Death: about 1860 1865, probably Montgomery County, NC
Death Source: Estate file dated 1865

Spouse1: Unknown
Spouse2: Miss Sarah Peacock, age 47, m. 11 Jan 1838 in Montgomery County, North Carolina


Probable children of Jesse Reaves and Unknown wife:
  1. Eli Reaves, b. c1805 3 Sep 1800
  2. Mary "Polly" Reaves, b. 1805, m. Thomas Taylor
  3. Harris Reeves, b. 1808, m. Annie Elliott
  4. James Reaves, b. 1810, m. Christina Owens
  5. Noah Reaves, b. c1812, m1. Susan MNU, m2 Mary Hess
  6. Jesse Tillman Reeves, b. 1814, Wealthy MNU
  7. J. C. Reaves
  8. Wilson Reaves, b. 1815, m. Martha Crewell
The son, James Reaves, is recorded in the 1865 probate documents of Jesse Reaves and was previously believed to be James W. Reaves born 1833; however, research of this family has found that child to be the son of Jesse's son Harris. From review of census records, it appears that James was the child born 1801-1810 recorded in several census. He appears to be still listed in the 1830 census at a time when both Eli and Harris Reaves had both married and were heads of their own households.

This listing of children above is based upon a suit by Sallie Reeves, widow of Jesse, dated April of 1865 which was filed in Montgomery County against the above listed heirs of Jesse Reeves. The case was styled Sallie Reeves vs. Eli Reeves & others. A petition filed by widow Sarah Reaves against the heirs of Jesse Reaves which is included in Jesse' estate file did not include a child J. C. who had been assumed to be his child.

In 1805 Jesse Reaves signed a petition by inhabitants of Montgomery County asking the Legislature to intervene concerning dams on the Uhary River and cause them to be kept open during the spring season for the free passage of fish up the river.

From The Carolina Observer, Fayetteville, NC on 24 Jan 1838, issue 271: In Montgomery Co. NC on the 11th inst, by Littleton Harris, Esq., Mr. Jesse Reeves aged 65 to Miss Sarah Peacock of Davidson, age 47.

From Montgomery Co., North Carolina The Earliest Extant Deeds 1774-1842:
  • Pg. 209 - 1 July 1839 - Edward Burrage to Sarah Reeves - $51.00 - 100 acres - on the North side of the Yadkin River - joining Hopkins Spring, Daniel Harris, "up to Burrages line below the mouth of the Thoroughfare, which his Mill sits on". Wit: William Hall William E. Burrage Edward Burrage
  • Pg. 430 (DB 14) - 27 June 1841 - Jesse Reaves to Jesse Tillman Reaves - "for the natural love and affection and the further consideration of the sum of $1.00 give. grant 6 etc. to Jesse Tillman Reaves two tracts of land" - on Beaverdam Creek and N.E. of the Yadkin diver - lst. tract - joining Fayetteville Road in Jesse Tillman Reaves yard, runs E. with the Garden. The Spring - 25 acres – 2nd tract - joining James Ellioct, Beaverdam by Mulberry pointer – 75 acres. Wit: B. H. Sinmons F. Locke Jesse (R) Reeves


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