Reaves, William (c1765 - )


Reaves, William


Father: John Reaves
Mother: Elizabeth

Birth Source:

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Spouse1: Catherine McKeghan, m. 8 Aug 1786, Greene County, Tennessee


Possible Children of William Reaves and Catherine McKeghan:
  1. Samuel Reeves, b. c1787
  2. George Reeves, b. c1790
  3. William Reaves, b. 1800-1810
  4. Benjamin Reaves, b. 1810-1815

The above children are listed in the book The Reaves Family of Greene County, Tennessee. The book contains information on John's family and descendants. Among the papers collected by Mr. Reaves for his book was a copy of a power of attorney from Elizabeth Reeves appointing her "beloved son William Reves of the County of Greene and State aforesaid" as her attorney for anything owing her "within the County of Greene aforesaid but more especially in my name as Executrix of the estate of John Reves deceas'd and as heir by Will of said Estate." Joseph Posey and John Maxwell were witnesses. The power of attorney is dated 13 Aug 1812 as was from Blount County but may have been filed in Greene County. A citation for this record is lacking.

Since his father lived in Greene County and he was still of Greene in 1812, this would appear to be William Reaves who married Catherine Mckeghan in 1786. George Jameson, who appears to be closely tied to this family, was security. George Jameson was married to an Elizabeth Reeves that same year who may be a sister of William's. George Jameson was also security for the marriage of Moses Reaves.

He appears to be the Wm Reeves living in Greene County in 1830, born in the 1760s, with a wife and an apparent son born 1800-1810.

Mr. Reaves notes that William appears in Camp Creek, Greene County tax lists for 1797, 1798, and 1800-1811.

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