Reaves, William (c1795 ? - c1840 KY)


Reaves, William


Father: possibly John Reaves

Birth: 1790-1800
Birth Source: 1830 Census

Death: 1839, Allen County, Kentucky
Death Source: Wife listed in 1840 census as head of household and apparently widowed.

Spouse1: Ellender Johnson, m. 8 Feb 1819, Allen County, Kentucky


Children of William Reaves and Ellender Johnson:
  1. James A. Reaves, b. c1820
  2. John Reaves
  3. Martha Jane Reaves, m. Loyd
  4. Benjamin A. Reaves
  5. Sarah C. Reaves
  6. Edward W. Reaves
William Reaves is first listed on the tax records of Allen County in 1818 after which he is not again recorded until 1822 when he reappears on the tax listings. There were no other Reaves' individuals recorded in the tax listings of Allen County but from 1810 through 1816, a John Reaves who may have been his father had been listed as a taxpayer there. During the years 1810 through 1813 John was listed in Barren County, then in 1815 and 1816 in Allen County (formed from Barren in 1815).

After the resumption of William's presence in the tax records of Allen County in 1822, he continued to be recorded there until his last record in 1838 which suggests that he died in 1839. William's widow Elleanor Reaves is listed as head of household the following year, 1840, and listed with the 132 acres on Tramell Creek that William had previously paid tax for.

In the 1820 census, William Reaves was recorded in Allen County, Kentucky. His household included 1 male 16-25 years of age, 1 female 16-25 years of age and one male child under ten.

By the 1830 census, William's household contained 1 male 5-9, 1 male 10-14, 1 male 15-19, 1 male 30-39, 2 female under 5 years of age and 1 female 30-39.

In 1840, Eleanor (sic) was named as the head of a household which included 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-9, 1 male 15-19, 1 male 20-29, 1 female under 5, 1 female 10-14 and 1 female 40-29. This appears to be the same household with two additional younger children and a widowed Eleanor serving as head of household.

William and Eleanor were both deceased by 8 Apr 1945 when a deed by their heirs conveyed their real property to William Foster. The deed is recorded in Allen County Deed Book G, pg 583-585.

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