Reavis, David (1758 NC - 1852 TN)


Reavis, David


Father: Jesse Reavis
Mother: Fortune Jordan

Birth: c1758, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1850 Census

Death: 1852, Tennessee
Death Source:

Spouse1: Mary Daniel
Spouse2: Patience Holemon, m. 20 Apr 1809 in Rowan County, North Carolina


Children of David Reavis and Mary Daniel:
  1. Abel Reavis, m. c1808 to Polly Garner, Surry County NC
  2. James Reavis
  3. Calvin Reavis
  4. Solomon Reavis, b. before 1790
  5. Lucy Reavis, b. 1784 m. Abraham Haynes c1810 in North Carolina
  6. Mary Ann Reavis, never married
  7. Ruth Reavis, m. Abraham Wasde
  8. John Reavis, b. before 1800, m. Betty Dunson c1828
Children of David Reavis and Patience Holemon:
  1. David Reavis, (possibly David Jasper m. Clarassa Brown)
  2. Johnson Reavis, b. 1810, m. Delana Hill c1839
  3. Isaac Newton Reavis, b. 1816, d. 1912 m, Rosannah Glascock 1840
  4. Rebecca Reavis, b. c1819, m. John Leach c1840
  5. Hardy Reavis, b. 1823, d. 1918, m. Elizabeth Brown 1853
  6. Morgan Reavis, b. 1824, d. 1891, m. Mary Moore 1849

David Reavis was recorded in the 1810 census in Rowan County, North Carolina. By the 1820 census he had moved into Tennessee where he appears to have been counted in Lincoln County in that census. There is a David Reaves in Bedford County as well, which is right below Lincoln. However, David appears in a different age bracket, and the number and ages of his family members don't match, so this appears to be a different David. This David then seems to move to Bedford County. He bought land in 1828 from Martha Manning and first appears on the census there in 1830. He was still living there with his wife Patience in 1850.


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