Reavis, Hiram Wilburton (1816 IL - 1897 IL)

Reavis, Hiram Wilburton

Reavis, Hiram Wilburton


Father: Isham Reavis
Mother: Mary Reavis

Birth: 10 Jun 1816, Bond County, Illinois
Birth Source: Statement to Old Settlers Association

Death: 15 Feb 1897, Bond County, Illinois
Death Source:

Spouse1: Alezada Moore, m. 19 Sep 1839 in Fayette County, Illinois


Children of Hiram Wilburton Reavis and Alezada Moore:
  1. Isham Reavis, b. 1840
  2. Catherine C. Reavis, b. 1844
  3. Martha Ellen Reavis, b. 1848
  4. Layfayette Reavis, b. 1851
  5. Hiram Matthew Reavis, b. 1855
  6. John Reavis, b. 1857
  7. Daniel Reavis, b. 1860
  8. Josiah Douglas Reavis, b. 1862
  9. Sarah Reavis, b. 1868
Query to the members of the Old Settlers Association, Bond County, Illinois. Taken from a copy of the original handwritten query.
Hiram Wilburton Reavis, born June the 10th, 1816 in the state of Illinois bond County near the old fort
At what place did you locate or settle? near Pleasant Mound
Where do you reside? on farm town 5 sec 36
If married when and to whom?
married 1837 to Alezada Moore
No church connections
Father: Isham Reavis
Mother: Mary Reavis, a cousin (of father)
Occupation? Farming
"I was born near the old fort in Bond county. I can remember the place where ?? was buried can remember the old stockade My brother and I hauled the rails for a man by the name of Edwards to fence the fort or where the fort was (there is a part here that is to faded to read) Remember when the Indians was moved from the Okaw they stopped at or near Shoal Creek and stayed part of the winter to hunt and fish near my father's hous (sic) about the year 1830 my father and family moved on the place I now live about 61 years ago. My father entered the land I have lived here all time being in Section 36 T5 R2W not been out of the state but few times only when we had to haul our produce to St Louis the above subject is Blind has been for 15 years, August 12th, 1891

Research Notes

Although Hiram Wilburton Reavis is associated with the Reavis variation of the name, this family is the only lineage of a Reavis' male whose DNA does not match that of other Reavis' participants in the Reeves DNA Project who comprise DNA Group 7. Instead, the DNA of a descendant has been placed in DNA Group 6 with other Reeves' individuals. His DNA most closely matches that of three descendants of John Durden Reeves who was born in Northampton County, North Carolina. John Durden Reeves lived for a brief time in Cumberland County before he also migrated to Surry County, North Carolina. However, even though his matches to descendants of John Durdan Reeves are his closest Reeves' matches, they are only 22 of 25 markers which is fairly distant genetically. Whether there is a family connection between the ancestors of these two families is currently unknown and needs much research.


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