Reavis, Isham (1748 VA - 1829 MO)

Reavis, Isham

Reavis, Isham


Father: Edward Reavis, Jr.
Mother: Mary (surname possibly Isham)

Birth: 19 Sep 1748, Northampton County, NC
Birth Source:

Death: abt Sep 1829, Saline County, Missouri
Death Source: Will probated 10 Sep. 1829

Spouse1: Anne Matilda Jones
Spouse2: Sarah Womack, m. 14 Aug 1805 in Warren County, Kentucky


Children of Isham Reavis and Anne Jones:
  1. Edward Reavis, b. 1767, m. Zilpha Parker on 15 Dec 1799
  2. Daniel Reavis, b. 1769, m. Lucy Rollins on 20 Jan 1806 (Bond)
  3. Marcus A. Reavis, b. 1772
  4. Charles Reavis, b. 1774
  5. Rebecca Reavis, b. 1778, m. Royal Potter on 8 Mar 1793 in Rutherford County NC
  6. Isham Reavis, Jr., b. 7 Mar 1781, m. Tabitha Strickland on 18 Jan 1802
  7. Martha Reavis, b. 1782, m. Elisha Strickland
  8. William Reavis, b. 13 Jul 1786, m1 Elizabeth Strickland, m2 Catherine Hensley
  9. Solomon Reavis, b. 1788
On the 17th of August 1799, Isham Reavis along with his sons Edward, Charles, Mark, Isham Jr. and son-in-law Royal Potter were appointed by the County Court of Warren County, Kentucky to work on a road under overseer Robert Lee.

Although the majority of Isham Reavis' sons, Isham Jr., Mark, Daniel, and William, are recorded as still being residents of Warren County, Kentucky in the 1810 census, Isham Sr. appears to have already left the area and made the move to Illinois.

The following was published in the Kansas City Star on 7 May 1904:
In 1816, Isham REAVIS started from Kentucky to Missouri with his family and slaves. He was one of the first of the multitude of Kentucky and Virginia immigrants who afterwards filled up what are known as the "Bourbon" counties of Missouri. Having heard that an Indian uprising was imminent in the new country, REAVIS remained in Illinois six months. The slavery question was then being agitated, and although he was not aware of it, REAVIS's short residence in Illinois had given his slaves their freedom. He moved on to Saline county, Missouri, where he died some time in the late '20s, leaving his slaves to his heirs...

The information in this newspaper article concerning the slaves of Isham Reavis is questionable for there are court records from 1827 documenting the emancipation of slaves Patience along with her child Elizabeth Jane, Ginger and Lucy. There are also no slaves listed as bequests in the will of Isham Reavis.

In Deed Book A: p.77-179 on 18 Dec 1827, it is recorded that Isham Reavis of Saline County, emancipated his servants: Patience (age 36), her daughter Elizabeth Jane (abt 18 mo), Ginger, and Lucy as follows:
"Know all men by these presents, that I, Isham Reavis, of Saline County in the state of Missouri, do by these presents, for and in consideration the hitherto faithful servitude of my servant woman, Patience, about the age of 36 years, and for the further consideration of the sum of sixty dollars to me in hand paid, in receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have this day liberated, emancipated and set free and at liberty the said Negro woman, Patience, and her young child, named Elizabeth Jane, about 18 months old, and also all her future increase; and the said woman and child are hereby set free and emancipated from myself and my heirs; and from all persons claiming title to them under me. In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal, this 15th day of December, 1827." s/Isham Reavis Wit: Jas. Stevens, Wm. Gleason, Geo Chapman


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