Reeve, Henry (1838 NFK - 1904 NFK)


Reeve, Henry


Father: Robert Reeve
Mother: Susannah Kiddle

Birth: 20 April 1838, Honingham, Norfolk
Birth Source: birth cert

Death: c. 1904
Death Source: GRO index

Spouse1: Emily Cracknell


Henry's father died in 1840; the 1841 census shows 3 year old Henry living with his mother and sister in East Tuddenham, Norfolk. "Widow Reeve" appears in the Poor Rate book for 1845 and 1847, suggesting that life was pretty hard for Susannah and her children. On the 1851 census, Henry and his mother and sister have moved to Matishall, Norfolk. Susan is described as a pauper.

The 1861 census shows Henry working as a miller and living in the household of Richard Leamon. Henry was to remain being a miller for the rest of his working life. He married Emily Cracknell on 20 Sept 1868 in Heigham. Until his death in 1904 Henry lived in Stoke Holy Cross.

It is uncertain how many children - if any at all - Henry had. When Henry and Emily married, she definitely already had one child, and although he was enumerated on some censuses with the surname Reeve, it doesn't appear as if Henry was the father. Henry and Emily had another child - Joseph Edward Reeve - who seems to have been born outside of wedlock but no birth cert has been found for him.

Research Notes


Birth:           Jun qtr 1838 St Faiths 13 114
Marriage1:   Sept qtr 1868 Norwich 4b 183
Death:         Mar qtr 1904 Blofield 4b 151
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