Reeves, Albert Bivin (1858 NC - 1935 NC)

Albert Bivin Reeves

Reeves, Albert Bivin


Father:Wiley Reeves
Mother:Melvin, Margaret

Birth: 12 August 1858, Bladen County, NC, USA
Birth Source:US Census records, marriage certificate, NC death cert/grave documentation

Death:16 December 1935, Cypress Creek, NC USA
Death Source:North Carolina Certificate of Death

Spouse1: Watson, Suda 'Sudie' Harriet, married 1883
Spouse2:Watson, Virginia Florence, married 7 September 1922


Albert Bivin Reeves was a farmer in the Bladen County area of North Carolina. Together with his first wife Suda ('Sudie'), he fathered nine children, six sons and three daughters. Sudie died at the age of 57 on 4 October 1919. On 7 September 1922, Albert Bivin Reeves married a second time to Virginia Florence, he aged 64 and she aged 53. They had no children together. While both wives shared the same maiden name, it is unknown at this time if Sudie and Florence were related (perhaps cousins, but this is speculation).

Children of Albert Bivin and Sudie include:
  1. James Leroy Reeves, 1884-1924
  2. Edwin Wallace Reeves, 1886-1970
  3. Beulah Belle, 1889-1948
  4. Gertrude S, 1894-1975
  5. Albert Bascom 1896-1977
  6. Lillian Marie, 1898-1975
  7. Henry Gray Reeves, 1902-2001
  8. Raymond William , 1904-1987, fraternal twin
  9. Julius Norman, 1904-1984, fraternal twin

Research Notes

Sourcing includes death certificates for both Albert Bivin and Sudie Reeves, and a marriage certificate to his second wife Virginia Florence. There is some confusion about the middle name Bivin in online genealogy databases, however the documentation supports Bivin instead of the sometimes referenced name Bascom which was given to his son Albert Bascom Reeves. Bivin is likely a variant of Bevan which is his grandmother Lois Bevan's maiden name.


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