Reeves, Wiley (1814 NC - 1892 NC)

Wiley Reeves

Reeves, Wiley


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Lois Bevan

Birth: 24 Aug 1814, Bladen County, NC
Birth Source: Find A Grave and Census

Death: 25 Jun 1892, Bladen County, NC
Death Source: Find A Grave

Spouse1: Margaret Melvin


Children of Wiley Reeves and Margaret Melvin:
  1. Edwin N. Reeves, b. 30 Oct 1846 d. 5 Nov 1846 (6 days old)
  2. Helen Frances Reeves, b. 16 Sep 1848, d. 12 Oct 1863 (15 Years of age)
  3. Albert Bivin Reeves, b. 12 Aug 1858
Wiley Reeves served in the 8th Regiment, North Carolina Senior Reserves during the Civil War.

Research Notes

Review of the 1860 Slave Inhabitants schedule indicates that Wiley owned two slaves and one slave house on his property. Adjacent to this property lived Wiley's cousin John M. Reeves who also owned two slaves as noted in the same schedule.


Birth:          Find a Grave, grave marker, Reeves Family Cemetery, Bladen County, NC
Death:        Find a Grave, grave marker, Reeves Family Cemetery, Bladen County, NC
Burial:       Reeves Family Cemetery, Bladen County, NC
1850 Census:  Subdivision on NE side of Cape Fear, Bladen County, NC
1860 Census:   Cypress Creek, Bladen County, NC
1870 Census: Turnbull Township, Bladen County, NC
1880 Census: Cypress Creek, Bladen County, NC
1860 Slave Inhabitants: Bladen County, NC
Branson Business Directory, Cypress Creek, Bladen, NC p. 111