Reeves, Amelia "Mille" - (c1815 OH - ?)

Reeves, Amelia "Mille"

Reeves, Amelia "Mille"


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Catherine Brown

Birth: c1815, Brown County, Ohio
Birth Source: Census

Death: after 1880
Death Source:

Spouse1: John Henry Wyant, m. 23 Jan 1840 in Brown County, Ohio


Children of Amelia Reeves and John Henry Wyant:
  1. Barbary Ann Wyant, b. 1840
  2. Margaret Wyant, b. 1845
  3. Nancy Wyant, b. 1847
  4. Mariah J. Wyant, b. 1850
  5. Sarah E. Wyant, b. 1850
  6. Oliver S. Wyant, b. 1853
  7. Joseph H. Wyant, b. 1854
  8. Catherine Wyant, b. 1856
  9. Jesse R. Wyant, b. 1858
Although there is nothing to positively identify Amelia "Mille" Reeves as a daughter of William Reeves and Catherine Brown, the following details lend support to the belief:
  • John Wyant's census records typically suggest 1815 as Amelia's year of birth, although the 1850 census suggests 1820. Either way, she would qualify as one of the unidentified females <10 in William Sr's 1820 household, and as one of the unidentified females 10-14 in 1830.
  • The fact that she married John Henry Wyant in January of 1840 accounts for her absence from William Sr's household in the 1840 census. (Also, an elder from the Christian Church performed the ceremony, and we have some evidence that William Sr and/or Eli had associations with Liberty Chapel.)
  • There do not appear to be any other Reeves' households in the Brown Co census listings for 1830 into which Mille could have fit, with a year of birth around 1815 or 1820. So if she lived in Brown County in 1830, she almost has to be daughter of William Reeves, Sr.
  • Her 1880 census listing indicates that her father was born in Virginia.
  • Although the 1850 and 1870 census list Amelia's place of birth as KY (which would put her out of the running as William Sr.'s daughter, since he had already moved to Ohio before 1815), the 1860 and 1880 census give Ohio as her place of birth. And almost all of her children's later census listings indicate that Amelia was born in Ohio (the exceptions being Margaret in 1880 and Joseph in 1900, both of which say Indiana and seem unbelievable); none of them say Kentucky.
  • Mille & John also had a daughter Catherine who may have been named for Mille's mother Catherine Brown Reeves.

Research by TRP's Lois Downey.


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