Reeves, Andrew Jackson ( 1832 AL - 1915 TX)

Reeves, Andrew Jackson

Reeves, Andrew Jackson


Father: Thompson Reeves
Mother: Lucendarilla Ragsdale "Cinderella"

Birth: 17 Nov 1832, Georgia
Birth Source: Family Records of Barney Hugh Reeves

Death: 15 May 1915 in Italy, Texas
Death Source: Family Records of Barney Hugh Reeves

Spouse1: Lucinda MNU Morris
Spouse1: Elizabeth Ragsdale b. Georgia d. 1895 in Texas


Children of Andrew Jackson Reeves and Elizabeth Ragsdale:
  1. James Tilleroe Reeves, b. 14 Nov 1856 in Marshall County, Alabama; d. 1 Apr 1934 in Magnolia, Arkansas
  2. William W. "Bill" Reeves, b. 1859
  3. Wiley J. Reeves, b. Sep 1861
  4. Robert Lee Reeves, b. 28 Oct 1868
  5. John Reeves, b. 1868, d. Alabama
  6. Alonzo Reeves, b. c1870, d. Nov 1919 in Oklahoma
  7. Lizzie Reeves, b. c1871
  8. Mattie Reeves, b. c1872
  9. Henry Rufus Reeves, b. Oct 1874, d. 24 Jul 1954 in Jacksboro, Texas
  10. Mary Reeves, b. Aug 1877
  11. Elijah Reeves, b. 1880
  12. Ida Reeves, b. Jul 1882
Andrew Jackson Reeves was the youngest son of Thompson Reeves. He fought in the Civil War alongside some of his nephews, sons of his sister, Frances Elizabeth Reeves Moore. In the mid 1880's he had settled in Marshall County, Alabama.

Andrew and Lucinda were shown in HH 1206, Rockdale, Randolph Co., AL, in 1860. Two children — J. T. and M. W. Morris, born in 1857 and 1859 in Alabama — were enumerated. No children with the Reeves surname were shown. Thompson Reeves and family were living next door in HH 1206. The children shown as Morris in 1860 were the same age as James and William Reeves, who are shown in later records.

In the late 1880's, he and all of his children except John, born about 1868, migrated to Arkansas and Texas. John Reeves remained in Alabama until his death. When asked where he was going Andrew Jackson would reply "To Texas to help Cousin Joe make a crop." He was referring to Joseph Reeves of Comanche County Texas. This Joseph is the ancestor of Jonathan Floyd Reeves who with his wife wrote the first edition of the Reeves Review. To date has not been possible to verify the family relationship between Andrew Jackson Reeves and Joseph Reeves. Joseph did have a brother named Thompson. Finding more about this connection could really be enlightening.

When Andrew Jackson was living in Marshall Co. Alabama, Elijah Wallace Reeves and his family were living there as well. Elijah Wallace's family began to migrate to Texas about the same time that Andrew Jackson Reeves did. There is no suggestion that they traveled together. Elijah Wallace's destination was to settle his family in McLennan County, Texas near Waco.

Descendants of Ida Reeves above state she is part Cherokee Indian. It would be good to explore this possibility.


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