Reeves, Archibald (c1834 OH - 1860 OH)


Reeves, Archibald, Jr.


Father: Archibald Reeves
Mother: Rachel

Birth: c1834, Ohio
Birth Source: Census

Death: 21 Jan 1860, Trumbull County, Ohio
Death Source: Trial report



Archibald Reeves Jr. was murdered in 1860 by John Klingensmith. The relevant details were published in newspapers related to the trial.

Trump of Fame, 28 Nov 1860
that "John Klingensmith, late of the county of Trumbull aforesaid on the twenty-first day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty, at the county aforesaid, and within the jurisdiction of said court, with force and arms, in and upon the body of one Archibald Reeves Junior, in the peace then and there being unlawfully, feloniously, purposely of deliberate and premeditated malice and intending him the said Archibald Reeves Junior, to kill, did make an assault in a menacing manner and with a certain knife which he, the said John Klingensmith, then and there held in his right hand, he the said John Klingensmith him the said Archibald Reeves Junior, in and upon the lower part of the body...did...strike and cut...and did give to him...one mortal wound...of which mortal wound he the said Archibald Reeves Junior, then and there instantly died."

Mount Vernon Democratic Banner 8 Apr 1870
John Klinginsmith, who murdered a man named Archibald Reeves, in Trumbull county, about ten years ago, and sentenced to the Penitentiary for life, has been pardoned by Gov. Hayes, and has returned to Warren.

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Trump of Fame, 28 Nov 1860
Mount Vernon Democratic Banner 8 Apr 1870