Reeves, Austin Smith (1804 KY - 1881 TX)


Reeves, Austin Smith


Father: Benjamin Reeves
Mother: Hannah Jane MNU

Birth: December 12, 1804 in Mason County Kentucky
Birth Source: Birth Record and Headstone

Death: December 15, 1881 in Manor, Travis County, Texas
Death Source: Death Certificate and Headstone

Spouse1: Matilda Mae Hargett, m. 20 Dec 1828, Mason County, Kentucky


Children of Austin Smith Reeves and Matilda Hargett:
  1. Luraney Jane Reeves, b. 1831
  2. Benjamin F. Reeves, b. 1832
  3. James Nelson Reeves, b. 1834
  4. William T. Reeves, b. 1836
  5. Daniel Harrison Reeves, b. 3838
  6. Christopher Columbus Reeves, b. 1840
  7. Hannah Matilda Reeves, b. 1842
  8. Louisa Ann Reeves, b. 1845
  9. John S. Reeves, b. 1847
  10. Israel Hargett Reeves, b. 1849
  11. Angeline E. Reeves, b. 1851, d. 6 May 1852 of Typhoid Fever, Fleming County, Kentucky
Austin was born in Mason County, Kentucky. By the time the Civil War broke out, he had freed his slaves and moved to Washington County, Illinois. Three of Austin's older sons James,Daniel and Christopher enlisted in the Union Army in Illinois. Benjamin and William had married in Kentucky and both remained in Fleming County serving in Kentucky regiments. William died in Cincinnati, Ohio while serving in the US Army but the other sons survived the war and returned home.

Austin was a widower by 1860 when he is listed in that census with his two youngest children, Louisa and Israel living in the home of his son-in-law Oliver Offill in Jefferson County, Illinois. By the 1870 census, Austin was the head of a household in Washington County, Illinois that again only included Louisa and Israel.

After the Civil War, Austin moved to Manor, Texas, just outside of Austin. His sons Daniel, Christopher, James and Israel and daughters Hannah and Louisa moved with him. Christopher settled in Weakly County, Tennessee for many years but moved to Texas before his death.


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1860 Census:  Jefferson County, Illinois (HOH Oliver Offill)
1870 Census:  Washington County, Illinois (incorrectly written as Beeves not Reeves by census taker)
1880 Census:  Travis County, Texas (HOH Israel Reeves)

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