Reeves, Israel Hargett (1849 KY - 1916 TX)


Reeves, Israel Hargett


Father: Reeves, Austin Smith
Mother: Hargett, Matilda Mae

Birth: April 6, 1849, Mason County, Kentucky
Birth Source: Birth Record and Headstone

Death: April 14, 1916, Manor, Travis County, Texas
Death Source: Death Certificate and Headston

Spouse1: Pernacy Ann West


Child: Reeves, Charles Nelson

The Following is a copy of a letter written to Nancy Jane West from her son-in-law Israel Hargett Reeves. It is interesting to note how formal family members were back then to each other.

Sprinkle, Texas 2-12-1906

Dear Mother, Brother, Sister and family,
I will write you a few lines. We are all well except Pernacy and Alva. Pernacy is not as well as when you left. Alva has been pretty sick with a fever for several days but is better now.

We got a letter from Lottie today. They are all well. She said she wanted to see you awfully bad. She said to give her love to you. Well it is raining tonite.

Well you said you lived a mile from town. Leander (Pernacy's brother-in-law) where do you live, and what are you doing?

Well Mother, our little gersey cow has got a little gersey cow calf. She is a daisy and her name is Gypsey.

We have got 24 little chickens and two hens sitting. We got a red cow and a red calf and will have another red calf if I am any guesser. Write soon and tell us all you know and then come to see us. Goodbye. as ever yours

I.H. and P. A. Reeves
(Then on the back Pernacy writes these lines)
Hope Etta is better by this time. I am sorry she is worse. This is a hard old world anyway. Archie has a bad cold and Anthony is coughing, has a bad cold. Hope you are all well and better. Write soon.

P.A. Reeves