Reeves, Burrell (1761 - )

Reeves, Burrell

Reeves, Burrell


Father: George Reeves
Mother: Mary Jordan

Birth: 28 July 1761
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:



Children of Burrell Reeves:
  1. George Reeves, b. 2 Jan 1799

The earliest record we find of Burrell Reeves was when he witnessed deeds in Pendleton, South Carolina:

28 Sep 1795   -   James Long, planter to William Dickey, planter for 30 stg for 150 acres part of tract granted Henry Pearson by William Moultrie 5 Jun 1785 on Great Generostee Creek of Savannah River, adj. William Herring, McDaniel, James Long, Joseph Land, Joshua Burns. Wit: Bradock McDonald, Burrill Reeves, Timothy Gary (?) Bradock McDonald made oath to Joshua Saxon JP 31 Oct 1795 Recorded 24 Jan 1797
Conveyance BK. G. 1801-1804
Page 16-17 18 Aug 1795

Timothy Reeves to Jesse Brown 100 acres on Generostee Creek, part of 282 acres granted David Clark, conveyed to Benjamin Reney, from to Reeves Bounded on W. by James Long, on S. by Alexander McMillian, on E. by Elisha Garlant (Garland) and James Long to include improvements that Elisha Garland formerly lived at. Wit: James Clayton, Burrell Reeves, Richard Haney Richard Haney made oath to Peter Keys JP 15 Jan 1802 Recorded 8 Mar 1802
Conveyance Bk. G 1801-1804
Page 238 10 Sep 1.

NOTE that the Elisha Garland in the above deed was married to Burrell's sister Lucy Reeves Garland. His brother Jordan Reeves and father George Reeves also owned land on Generostee Creek. The Timothy Reeves who sold this land is Burrell's presumed brother.

We next find Burrell in the 1800 Pendleton South Carolina census: he had one son < 16 in the household and 2 daughters.

One child of Burrell Reeves is named in the James Robertson Bible: " George Reeves son of Burrell Reeves born 2 jan 1799"

Sometime after the 1800 census Burrell moved to Davidson County Tennessee where most of his siblings and his parents had already gone. He is found in records with other family members:

Burrell (Burwell) was listed in Capt Boyd's militia company in Davidson County in 1812 and the Davidson County tax list of 1811. James, Timothy, and William Reeves are also listed in the tax list and Capt Boyd's company.

Evidently, Burrell Reeves had moved to Hickman County Tennessee by 1814. We know this from the following Tennessee land grants:

Burrell Reeves assignee of Elijah Robertson granted 20 acres on 20 Aug 1814 lying in Hickman County in the first district on Bear Creek. Note: Includes the improvements made by Reeves. (State of Tennessee #8298 Recorded 20 Feb 1816 (?)

Reuben Reaves assignee of Daniel Smith is granted 55 acres in Hickman County in the first district on Bear Creek of Pine (Piney) River. The document mentions Burwell Reaves living on the same creek. Surveyed 28 Aug 1816. (State of Tennessee #10605 Recorded 16 Mar 1818)

NOTE that it is assumed but not absolutely certain that the Burrell Reeves in these Hickman County deeds was the brother of Jordan Reeves. It is also possible that he was a previously unidentified son of Jordan Reeves. Jordan Reeves Sr arrived in Humphreys County in the same time frame that Burrell arrived in Hickman (adjacent).

Nothing else is known about the children of Burrell Reeves.