Reeves, Daniel (1794 KY - 1876 IN)


Reeves, Daniel


Father: Eli Reeves
Mother: Sarah Ann Redman

Birth: 2 Mar 1794, Mason County, Kentucky
Birth Source: Undocumented

Death: 2 Nov 1876, Hancock County, Indiana
Death Source: Tombstone Inscription, Simmons Cemetery, Hancock County, Indiana, 1874 Will recorded 11 Nov 1876

Spouse1: Nancy Lang on 30 Jan 1821 in Brown County, Ohio


Children of Daniel Reeves and Nancy Lang:
  1. Anna Reeves, b. 28 Jun 1822, m. David Ware on 9 Apr 1840 Morgan County, IN
  2. John Reeves, b. 1824, m. Mary Spencer on 7 Jan 1846 Morgan County, IN
  3. Sena Reeves, b. 18 Dec 1825, m. Nicholas Gunkle on 26 Jan 1849, Morgan County, IN
  4. Unknown Male, b. 1825-1830, d. before 1840
  5. Vienna Reeves, b. c1830, m. John Gunkle on 8 Oct 1847, Morgan County, IN
  6. Nancy Reeves, b. 1834
  7. William J. Reeves, b. 1836, m. Rebecca J. Stafford on 5 Sep 1857 Morgan County, IN
  8. Unknown Male, b. 1835-1840, d. before 1850
  9. Mary Reeves, b. 1842
  10. Amanda Reeves, b. 1844
  11. Noah Reeves, b. 1847
The only child named in the 1874 will of Daniel Reeves is son Noah. The above children are those which can be identified from the census records of 1850 and 1860 along with the marriage records of Morgan County, Indiana. Additionally, John Reeves is recorded living only two households distant from Daniel in the 1850 census.

In The Pioneers of Morgan County, Memoirs of Noah J. Major, Daniel Reeves is mentioned as follows:
Down in the pocket of the settlement, beginning at the mouth of Sycamore, and coming up the river, were Daniel Reeves, Kester Jones, Benjamin Stafford, Elijah Lang and sons, Dabney Gooch, Andrew Paul, Gabriel Paul, Jesse Gooch, and John Robb. These all tilled their own soil, drank water out of their own "moss-covered buckets," and heard the rain patter on their own housetops, in the year of 1836.

Daniel Reeves owned a part of what is now the Bradford farm and sand mine. Mr. Reeves was a most estimable citizen, quiet and genial in his manners and habits, and beloved by his neighbors. He sold out soon after the flood and moved out of the county...

And now we must tell you of Daniel Reeves's little mill. It stood forty rods east of the last named. On Mr. Bradford's farm, then owned by Reeves, there is a fine spring of large dimensions. Mr. Reeves conveyed water from this spring through hollow logs and other contrivances, for a distance of four hundred yards to a bluff bank, where he turned it on a little overshot wheel. This mill was short-lived, for we often passed by its seat more than sixty years ago, and nothing much remained then but the ditch and the little...mill stones, which were eighteen or twenty inches in diameter.


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