Reeves, Elias (1769 VA - 1825 OH)

Elias Reeves

Reeves, Eli


Father: Asa Reeves
Mother: Sarah Unknown (surname is listed in various online sources as Lambert but there is no documentation)

Birth: 8 Apr 1769 in Prince William, Virginia
Birth Source: Headstone

Death: 21 May 1825 in Brown County, Ohio
Death Source: Headstone

Spouse1: Sarah Ann Redman on 28 Jul 1791 in Mason County, Kentucky


Children of Eli Reeves and Sarah Ann Redman:
  1. Ila Reeves "Iley", m. Fannie Stephenson
  2. Daniel Reeves, m. Nancy Lang on 30 Jan 1821 in Brown County, Ohio
  3. Eli Reeves, Jr., b. c1796, m1 Angelina Reed, m2 Jane Heubanks
  4. Sarah Reeves, m. James Steele
  5. Asa Reeves, m. Rebecca Reed on 23 Sep 1819
  6. Anna Reeves, m. Stephen Stephenson
  7. John R. Reeves, b. 11 Feb 1804, m. Nancy Rankin
  8. Jabez Reeves, b. 1806, m. Nancy Coe
  9. Benjamin Reeves, m. Elizabeth Crawford on 25 Jun 1828 in Brown County, Ohio
  10. Neville Reeves, m1. Anna Crawford, m2. Mrs. Sarah Gibbs
  11. Susanna Reeves, m. A. C. McNulty on 15 Oct 1829 in Brown County, Ohio
  12. Elijah Reeves, b. 11 Aug 1815, m. Jane Ross
  13. Mary Ann Reeves

"The Reeves family is of English origin and was represented in America in the time of the colonies, the subject's (Benjamin F. Reeves') great-grandfather coming to the new world a number of years prior to the war for independence. This ancestor was one of three brothers who settled in New York, Virginia and South Carolina respectively, each becoming a man of prominence in his community. Among the children of the Reeves who settled in Virginia, was a son by the name of Eli. He served in the war of the Revolution, and in an early day joined the tide of emigration to Kentucky, in which state he married Sarah J. Redmond, who was of Virginian birth, but when young was taken by her parents to the "Dark and Bloody Ground." Thirteen children resulted from this marriage, namely: Iley, Daniel, Eli, Mary A., Sarah, Asa, Anna, John, Neville, Benjamin, Susanna and Elijah. About the year 1803 Eli Reeves moved his young and growing family to Brown county, Ohio, of which he was one of the earliest pioneers. By reason of his services as a soldier he received a military claim, but failing in some way to lay it properly, lost the title to his land and was obliged to purchase another place from the government. He took an active part in the early history of Brown county, cleared a good farm and became a worthy citizen of the community, which he assisted to establish and in which he spent the remainder of his life; he died there a number of years ago at a good old age. His widow subsequently accompanied some of her children to Indiana and departed this life long ago in Rush county. According to the most reliable information at hand the children of this old pioneer couple married as follows: Anna became the wife of Stephen Stephenson; Sarah married James Steel; Susanna married A. C. McNulty; Iley was the husband of Fannie Stephenson and was a soldier of the war of 1812; Daniel, also a, participant in the war of 1812, took to wife Nancy Lang; Asa married Rebecca Reed; John wedded Nancy; Jabez and Nancy Coe became husband and wife; Benjamin married Elizabeth Crawford; Elijah entered the marriage relation with Jane Ross, and Neville...was twice married, first to Anna Crawford, afterwards to Sarah Gibbs."

The only land record for Eli in Brown County, Ohio was an 1818 deed where he and his wife sold 110 1/2 acres to James Beard.


Birth:          Headstone, Unknown Cemetery, Byrd Township, Brown County, Ohio, located on Laura Chapmon's farm East of Redonk, off Mt. Aire Rd., off Hermann Rd, back a lane (as of 1963), Cemetery Inscriptions of Brown County, Ohio, Book 1, page 58
Marriage:   Kentucky Marriages, 1802-1850 (Ancestry)
Death:        Headstone (see above)
1820 Census:  Brown County, Ohio

1787 Virginia Tax List Census - Prince William County, Virginia
1818 Deed - Eli and Sarah Ann Reeves to James Beard - Brown County, Ohio Deed Book A1, p147
Biographical Memoirs of Handcock County, Indiana, p. 1902