Reeves, Ephraim (1810 GA - 1844 GA?)


Reeves, Ephraim


Father: Jonathan Reeves
Mother: Bethany Mayfield

Birth: 28 Apr 1810, South Carolina or Georgia
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Spouse1: Gracie Robbins


Children of Ephraim Reeves and Gracie:
  1. Sarah Ann Reeves, b. c1839
  2. Elizabeth Reeves, b. c1841
  3. George Reeves, b. c1843
  4. Malachi Reeves, b. c1847
  5. John Reeves, b. c1849
  6. Lucinda Reeves, b. c1855
  7. Edward Thomas Reeves, b. c1859

The following notes were posted on Findagrave from the funeral home records and need to be verified:
Cemetery Magnolia
MR Ephraim Reeves
White Male, age 82
Married, Farmer
Years Residing in Augusta 8 Years
Date of Birth 4/28/1810
Date of Death 11/20/1891
Date of Burial 11/22/1891
Cause of Death: General Debility
Duration of Illness 9 Days
Place of Birth: Abbeville, SC
Place of Death: Augusta, Georgia


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