Reeves, Frances (c1813 TN - c1880 AL)


Reeves, Frances


Father: Prestley Reeves
Mother: Anna

Birth: c. 1813, TN or SC
Birth Source: Census

Death: After 1880, Shelby Co., AL
Death Source: Census

Spouse1: Elijah Horton, born c. 1798, SC, died 1856, Shelby Co., AL


Children of Elijah Horton and Frances Reeves:
  1. Margaret Caroline Horton, born 1846, died 1920
  2. Elijah Dink Horton, born 1848, died 1927, married Nancy Elizabeth Seale
  3. William Thomas Horton, born 1849, died 1935, married Sarah Etta Crowley
  4. Henry H. Horton, born 1852, died 1920

Frances Reeves married Elijah Horton in Lancaster Co., SC; he was a widower at the time and much older than her. She moved with him to Shelby Co., AL, where he died. After the death of her mother in 1860, her sisters Margaret and Millie moved to Alabama and lived with her.

1860 Shelby Co., AL, Census, HH 646/646: Fannie Horton, 52, AL; Dink, 12, AL; Puss, 13, AL; William, 10, AL; Henry, 8, AL. Her sister Emily Reeves was living in HH 645/645.

1866 Shelby Co., AL, State Census: Fannie Horton; Margaret Reeves; Emily Horton.

1870 Shelby Co., AL, Census, HH 198/198: Margaret Reeves, 70, Keeping House, SC, and Millie, 50, At Home, SC. They were living with Fannie Horton, 50, SC, and her large family.

1880 Shelby Co., AL, Census, Columbiana, p. 122, HH 246/248: Fannie Horton, 67, Keeping House, TN, and family. In HH 247/249 were Eliza Horton, 32, SC, and family. In HH 248/250 were Emily Horton, 72, TN, Keeping House; Margaret Reeves, 76, SC, Sister; Lanor M. Reeves, 45, Daughter, SC.


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