Reeves, Frances Elizabeth (1821 GA - c1885 ?AL)

Reeves, Frances Elizabeth

Reeves, Frances Elizabeth


Father: Thompson Reeves
Mother: Lucendarilla Ragsdale "Cinderella"

Birth: 12 May 1821 in Georgia
Birth Source: Federal Census and Moore Family historians

Death: after Sep 1885, Clay County, Alabama
Death Source: Living per Thompson Reeves Estate document of 29 Sep 1885

Spouse1: Idens Moore, February 25, 1839(?)


Children of Frances Elizabeth Reeves and Idens Moore:

  1. William Joseph Moore b. 27 Oct 1840 Randolph County Alabama, d. 28 Jul 1928 in Comanche County, Texas Burial in Newburg Cemetery
  2. Lucinda Rilla Moore b. December 25, 1840 Randolph County Alabama
  3. Abigail Moore December 16, 1843 Randolph County, Alabama
  4. Absolum Jackson Moore b. December 5, 1847 Randolph Co. Alabama
  5. Sarah Ann Moore b.August 0, 1850 Randolph County Alabama.
  6. Isadore Elizabeth Moore b.1851 (May be a duplicate for # 020 below)
  7. Frances Elizabeth Moore, Jr. March 14, 1852 Randolph County, Alabama
  8. Elijah Monroe Moore b. 5 Apr 1854 Randolph co. Alabama, d. 12 Jul 1940, Comanche County, TX Burial in Newburg Cemetery
  9. Mary Jane Moore b. October 13, 1856
  10. Arminda Moore b. Aug 1858 Clay Co. Alabama
  11. Thomas Moore b. January 10, 1861
  12. David Herbert Mooreb.May 18, 1865

Some sources state that Frances Reeves Moore was living at the time the petition to administer the Estate of Thompson Reeves was filed in 1885, but her grave is listed at Alders Springs Cemetery with a death date of 1884. The listing at Alders Springs Cemetery in Find A Grave is not supported by a photo of a gravestone or any evidence and appears to be incorrect.


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Alabama Death Certificate of Mrs. A. P. Ingram (mother's maiden name)