Reeves, Hickerson (1809 GA - 1885 AL)


Reeves, Hickerson


Father: probably Thomas Reeves
Mother: probably Bethania or Bethany Stinson

Birth: 10 Aug 1809, Wilkes County, Georgia
Birth Source: Undocumented

Death: 22 May 1885, Morgan County, Alabama
Death Source: Undocumented

Spouse1: Mary Ann Kirkland, m. 1 Feb 1831, Limestone County, Alabama


Children of Hickerson Reeves and Mary Ann Kirkland:
  1. Francis Marion Reeves, b. 1829
  2. Thomas Reeves, b. 1832
  3. Elizabeth Reeves, b. 1833
  4. Bennet Reeves, b. 1834
  5. Bethany H. (Parthena?) Reeves, b. 1839
  6. Andrew Jackson Reeves, b. 17 Apr 1842
  7. Mary S. Reeves, b. 1843
  8. Sarah A. M. Reeves, b. 1845
  9. Isabella Reeves, b. 1848
  10. Anthony T. Reeves, b. 1851
In the 1880 census, Hickerson Reeves gives information that his father was born in Maryland and his mother in Virginia. This confirms that he was a grandson of Bennett Reeves, son of Thomas Reeves and Mary Murphy of Charles County, Maryland, who migrated to Wilkes County, Georgia around 1800.

Will of Daniel Kirkland, Court Record 22, page 48, 4 December 1865, Morgan Co., AL Probate Court.? Verbatim transcript.
"Being of sound mind and disposing mind, I, Daniel Kirkland of the County of Morgan and State of Alabama, do make and ordain this as my last Will and Testament in the form following:
"1st, It is my Will and desire that all my just debts by (be?) paid.
"Item 3rd: I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Elizabeth Kirkland, all of my real and personal property during her natural life, she keeping the same together except such surplus of stock as she may not need for her own use and such. I desire her to sell at the highest bidder on such terms as she may direct.
"Item 4th: At the death of my beloved wife it is my express will and desire that all my real and personal estate be divided equally between my children and grandchildren and the heirs of their bodies as follows: Ann Bishop, Mary Ann Reeves, Milly Easly, Polly Reeves, Martha Ratliff, Elizabeth Sandlin, Amanda Jane Ratliff, and the children of my deceased daughter, Pervina (Penina) Ratliff, to-wit: Jane; Edward, Sylvester; Clemens and Robert Ratliff.
"Item 5th: I further desire and request my friends, Jonathan Burleson and Jesse Sivley to act as Executors of this my last will and testament, hereby expressly authorize and requesting my said Executors that after the death of my wife and the payment of all her just debts that they divide my said real and personal estate above bequeathed among my said children and grandchildren share and share alike giving to my grand children as aforesaid their deceased mother's share Giving to each one of my heirs and equal portion of my land as nearly as may be _ (line illegible) personal to be sold as my said Executors may think best and the proceeds divided among my said heirs, etc., as heretofore provided for.
"Item 6th: I hereby nominate and appoint my friends, Jonathan Burleson and Hickman Reeves, Guardians of my said grand children named and provided for in Item 4th, this my last will and testament, and that they will attend fully to interest as heirs of my estate, entitled to their deceased mother's share.
"Witness my hand and seal this 25th day of October 1850. In the presence of subscribing witnesses.
"D. Kirkland. (Seal)
Horation Philpot
S. M. Morrow.
Henry F. Scruggs.

"Will proved on 4 Dec 1854 by subscribing witness."

4 December 1865, page 47, Morgan County Probate Court, Decree Probating Will of Daniel Kirkland?Verbatim transcript:

"The Court recited filing of will by widow, Elizabeth Kirkland; appearing that resident next of kin, to-wit: Ann Bishop, wife of Joseph Bishop, Mary Ann Reeves and her husband, Hickman (sic Hickerson) Reeves, Elizabeth Sandlin and her husband, Joseph Sandlin, Amanda J. Ratliff and husband, James Ratliff have at least 10 days notice?that non-resident heirs, to-wit: Milly Easly and husband, William Easly, Martha Ratliff, Polly Reeves, and the heirs of Pernina Ratliff, deceased who was a daughter of Daniel Kirkland, to-wit: James Ratliff, Edward Ratliff, Sylvester Ratliff, Clemons Ratliff, and Robert Ratliff, and the heirs of Polly Reeves, who was a daughter of said Daniel Kirkland, to-wit: Hick Reeves, Amanda Reeves, Mary Reeves, Francis Reeves, Burnett (sic Bennett) Reeves, Columbus Reeves, James Reeves, and _ Reeves have had notice?no one contesting." (Then follows record of citation of proof.)

"Ordered and adjudged that said paper writing be admitted to probate?ordered to record."

Research Notes

Hickerson Reeves was also the apparent father of Francis M. Reeves (Frank). In the 1850 census of Morgan County, Alabama, Bethania Reeves is listed with what appears to be her youngest children. Francis (Frank) M. Reeves is listed in her household in 1850 and many believe him to be the child of Thomas Reeves; however, his Alabama death record recording his death as 27 Feb 1910 names his father as "Hick" or Hickerson. Since Francis' date of birth was in 1829 prior to Hickerson's 1831 marriage to Mary Ann Kirkland, it may be that Hickerson was married prior to his marriage to Mary Ann Kirkland in 1831 and that wife died after giving birth to Francis M. who was raised by Bethania, Hickerson's mother. However, probate documents for the estate of Mary Ann Kirkland's father Daniel include Francis, naming him as a grandchild.


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