Reeves, Thomas (1788 MD - c1840 AL)

Reeves, Thomas

Reeves, Thomas


Father: Bennett Reeves
Mother: Anne (probably Dyson)

Birth: before 1790, Maryland
Birth Source: Census

Death: before 1840, probably Morgan County, Alabama
Death Source: Bethany Reeves listed as head of household in 1840 census of Morgan County, Alabama

Spouse1: Barthena/Bethany Stinson, 25 Oct 1808, Wilkes County, Georgia


Probable children of Thomas Reeves and Bethney Stinson:
  1. Hickerson Reeves, b. 10 Aug 1809, Wilkes County, GA; d. 22 May 1885, Morgan County, Alabama
  2. Bennett Dudley Reeves, b. c1812, d. 16 Nov 1862 Lowndes County, MS
  3. Thomas Reeves, b. 1814 in Georgia, d. 16 Jul 1893 - burial in Herring Cemetery, Morgan County, Alabama
  4. William Reeves, b. before 1820
  5. Caroline Reeves, b. 1825, m. Sutton F. A. Yeager in 1845
  6. Louisa Reeves, b. 25 Jul 1828, m. James C. Love, m. abt 1852
  7. Phoebe Reeves, b. 1833, d. before 1870, m. Robert H. Yeager
In the 1880 census, Hickerson Reeves, Thomas Reeves and Caroline Reeves Yeager, children of Thomas Reeves and Bethany Stinson, each gave information that their father was born in Maryland. This confirms that they were grandchildren of Bennett Reeves, son of Thomas Reeves and Mary Murphy of Charles County, Maryland, who migrated to Wilkes County, Georgia around 1800.

From The Friend and Monitor - Washington, Georgia (Wilkes County), Volume I, Number 5. Friday, February 10, 1815 - page 1: THOMAS REEVES informs his friends and the people of the Third Class, that he is a Candidate to command as First Lieutenant in said Class.

On 19th of May 1821 in Wilkes County, Georgia, Thomas Reeves sold to Dudley Stinson, the tract of land where his mother-in-law, Phoebe Stinson, was residing, recorded in Deed Book GGG, Pg 95.

In December of 1821, Thomas Reeves and James Boatright are recorded as being bound for $500 in a bond associated with Thomas Reeves serving in the position of constable in Wilkes County, Georgia. See that 1821 bond at the Georgia Virtual Vault.

Thomas Reeves paid the taxes on one slave for the children of J. S. Freeman (husband of Mary Reeves) in the 1823 and the 1824 Wilkes County, Georgia Tax Digests in Captain Ragsdales District.

In 1829 when his mother-in-law deeded a negro girl, Jinny, to the children of Bethney Reeves, wife of Thomas Reeves, Phoebe Stinson was adamant that the girl Jinny not be subject to the control of Thomas Reeves husband of Bethney nor in any manner liable for any debts he has heretofore contracted or may hereafter contract, Deed Book LLL, Pg 29.

The 1840 census of Morgan County, Alabama lists a Bethany Reeves as head of a household which includes one male 10-14, one male 20-29, one female 5-9, two females 15-19 and one female 50-59. Again in the 1850 census of Morgan County, Alabama, Bethania Reeves is listed with what appears to be her youngest children. Francis (Frank) M. Reeves is listed in her household in 1850 and many believe him to be the child of Thomas Reeves; however, his Alabama death record recording his death as 27 Feb 1910 names his father as "Hick" or Hickerson. Since Thomas and Bethany are not known to have any sons born after around 1820, the male child 10-14 years of age in 1840 may be Francis M. (Frank).

Research Notes

All of the probate records of Wilkes County, Georgia need to be researched in depth to resolve the lingering questions regarding the Reeves in that county. This individual needs much research; however, recent Y-DNA results have confirmed that this Reeves family is not a genetic match to the Reeves of Guilford and Granville counties of North Carolina. It has had always been assumed that the Thomas Reeves found in Wilkes County, Georgia who married Bethania/Bethany Stinson was the son of Thomas Reeves and Elizabeth Burton of Guilford County, North Carolina; however, recently there is a great amount of information that had disproven that family connection questionable.

An 1816 Guilford County deed by Thomas Reeves to Leven Covey, indicates that as late as 1816, that Thomas Reeves was still living in the same area on Mairs Fork in Guilford County which was probably the land willed to him by his grandfather Richard Burton in his 1799 will.

In the 1870 census, the household of daughter Louisa Reeves Love and James C. Love includes Stephen Stinson, a 70 year old black man and probable former slave inherited from the mother of Bethany Stinson Reeves which would confirm the connection to Thomas Reeves of Wilkes County, Georgia.


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