Reeves, Mary (1795 GA - c1860 GA)

Reeves, Mary

Reeves, Mary


Father: probably Bennett Reeves
Mother: Anne (probably Dyson)

Birth: 1795, Georgia, probably Wilkes County
Birth Source: Census

Death: c1860, probably Georgia
Death Source:

Spouse1: Joseph S. Freeman


Presumed children of Mary Reeves and Joseph S. Freeman:
  1. Harrison Henry Freeman, b. c1810, m1 Cassa Snow, m2 Marina Johnson
  2. Nancy Freeman, b. c1813, m. Thomas Hogan
  3. William Freeman, b. before 1821
  4. Eliza Freeman, b. 1816, m. William M. McCord
  5. John Dillard Freeman, b. 20 Nov 1817, d. 30 May 1908, m1 Emily McCord, m2 Susanne Browning
  6. Margaret S. Freeman, b. 1824, m. Herndon L. Barnes
  7. Bennett S. Freeman, b. c1826, m. Martha Johnson
  8. Joseph S. Freeman, b. 27 Nov 1827, d. 18 Nov 1883, m. Susan Johnson
  9. Martha Jane Freeman, b. 22 Feb 1830, d. 15 Apr 1900, m. John Melton Davenport
  10. Thomas Freeman, b. 5 Jul 1835 (twin to Wiley)
  11. Wiley J. Freeman, b. 5 Jul 1835, d. 16 Jan 1854 (twin to Thomas)
  12. James Parks Freeman, b. 4 Jun 1840, d. 17 Feb 1917, m1 Sarena Catherine Griswell, m2 Francis L. Griswell
In addition to those children named in a 1821 deed by Bennett Reeves, the only children above who can be positively identified as the children of Mary Reeves and Joseph S. Freeman are Thomas, Wiley and James P. who were listed in the household of Joseph S. Freeman in 1850 in Clarke County, Georgia. Additionally in the Gwinnett County Index of Estates, Bennett S. Freeman is recorded as administrator of the estate of Joseph S. Freeman in 1856 and was named executor of the will.

There is no available marriage record for Mary Reeves and Joseph S. Freeman. Previously various Freeman family sources listed Mary Reeves as the wife of Joseph Freeman but did not name the source of the information; however, a deed executed in 1821 by Bennett Reeves does name her as his daughter. In that Wilkes County deed, Bennett Reeves left a negro girl Lilly to the children of Mary and Joseph S. Freeman. The children named in that 1821 deed are Harris, Sarah Ann, William, Eliza and John D. Freeman and any other children that Mary might have. (Wilkes County GA DB GGG, p. 317)

Thomas Reeves (son of Bennett Reeves) paid the taxes on one slave for the children of J. S. Freeman in the 1823 and the 1824 Wilkes County, Georgia Tax Digests in Captain Ragsdales District.


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