Reeves, Israel James (aka Reeves, James Israel) (1821 HAM - 1901 HAM)

Reeves, Israel James

Reeves, Israel James (aka James Israel REEVES)


Father: Charles REEVES
Mother: Elizabeth mnu

Birth: Bapt. September 1821 at the Parish Church of St Mary, Southampton, Hampshire
Birth Source: Parish Register

Death: 1901
Death Source: FreeBMD death registration June quarter, 1901

Spouse1: Caroline Beavis RIDDETT


Israel, often recorded as James or James Israel, was the third known child of Charles Reeves & Elizabeth, whose maiden name is unknown. Israel seems to have lived in Southampton all his life.

When he was baptised in September 1821 at the Parish Church of St Mary, Southampton, the family were living on King Street in the St Mary's area. His father died in March 1826, when Israel was just four years old.

On the 1841 census taken on 6 June, it is believed that Israel appears in his mother's household on King Street, Southampton as I J Reeves. His age is shown as 15 and he was born within county (that is within Hampshire). His occupation is Milk Boy; his late father had been a Cow Keeper.

In September 1844, both FamilySearch and FreeBMD note James Israel REEVES (sic) marrying Caroline RIDDETT.
The known children of Israel James REEVES and Caroline (nee RIDDETT) are :-
  1. John James REEVES, bapt February 1845
  2. Caroline Beavis REEVES, born January 1849
  3. Charlotte Ellen REEVES (aka Ellen), born 1850, bapt November 1851, died 1868
  4. Louisa Jane REEVES, born 1853, bapt June 1853
  5. Elizabeth Matilda REEVES, born 1855, bapt December 1855
  6. William Henry REEVES, bapt October 1858
  7. Frances Agnes REEVES, born 1861, bapt May 1861
  8. Clara Ann REEVES, born 1863, bapt December 1863
All the above baptisms took place at the Parish Church of St Mary, Southampton.

At the time of the 1851 census, on 30 March, James (sic) along with his wife Caroline and their three eldest children are living in the household of his father-in-law John RIDDETT at 96 Bevis (sic Bevois) Street, Southampton. James claims he is 29 years old, was born in Southampton and is working as a Labourer.

A decade later and the 1861 census shows James (sic) is now head of household and still living at 96 Bevois Street, Southampton. In addition to his wife Caroline, the household comprises their seven eldest children, with Frances Agnes being shown as just one week old. His age, occupation & place of birth remain consistent with the 1851 census.

On the 1871 census, James (sic) appears as head of household at 51 Bevois Street, Southampton. He is now 49 years old and again claiming birth in Southampton. He is employed as a Labourer on Railway. In addition to his wife Caroline, the household comprises Caroline (21, unmarried) and Elizabeth (14), William (12), Agnes (10), Clara (7), Louisa (17, married) now Mrs HENSFORD, son-in-law Joseph (sic Frank) HENSFORD and son (sic grandson) Frank HENSFORD (aged 2 years).

In the 1875 Kelly's Post Office "Directory of Hampshire (including The Isle of Wight), Wiltshire and Dorsetshire", Israel Reeves appears on page 218 listed as a Beer Retailer living at 51 Bevois Street, Southampton. The section which commences on page 207 is simply headed "Commercial" as against "Private Residential" from page 203. 1

At the time of the 1881 census, James Israel REEVES (sic) is head of household at 30 James Street, Southampton. He is 58 years old and continues to claim birth in Southampton. He is now working as a Labourer in (the) Engine Shed. In addition to his wife Caroline (age 55) and their two youngest daughters Agnes Frances (sic) (age 20) and Clara Ann (17), the household is completed by James JACOBS, a widower aged 57 born in Southampton, who is described as a Visitor. There is presently no known connection between this family and James JACOBS. His son-in-law Frank Hensford and his daughter Louisa Jane Hensford (nee REEVES) are also living at 30 James Street and the Hensford household is the first enumerated.

On the 1891 census, as James I Reeves, he appears as head of household at 68 Bevois Street, Southampton. He is now 68 years old and still claiming birth in Southampton. He gives his occupation as Labourer on Railway. In addition to his wife Caroline (aged 68) there are three HENSFORD's making up the household - married grandson Willie HENSFORD (19), granddaughter(-in-law) Harriet HENSFORD (nee WARREN, 20) and great grandson Willie HENSFORD who is just 6 months old.

By the time of the 1901 census, James is still living at 68 Bevois Street. He is now 79 years old and a widower. His occupation is shown as "Labourer (unable to work)" and he remains consistent in claiming birth in Southampton. The only other member of the household is his grand-daughter May HENSFORD, aged 22, for whom no occupation is given. There is a second household occupying 3 rooms at this address. The head of household is James H Scott and his wife is Jessie (nee HENSFORD), another of Israel REEVES's grand-daughters. There are two SCOTT sons completing this second household.

The death of Israel James REEVES is registered in the June quarter of 1901, when his age was given as 79.


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