Reeves, Jefferson T. (c1815 ? - c1880 KY)


Reeves, Jefferson T.


Father: Unknown

Birth: 1815, Kentucky
Birth Source: Census

Death: before 1880, Estill County, Kentucky
Death Source: Last recorded in census of 1870 and Elizabeth is listed as "widow" in the 1880 Census

Spouse1: Elizabeth Reeves, m. 8 Mar 1839 in Madison County, Kentucky


Children of Elizabeth and Jefferson Reeves:
  1. Henry Thomas Reeves
  2. Ephram Reeves
  3. Harvey Reeves
  4. Jeremiah Reeves
  5. John P. Reeves
  6. Stephen L. Reeves
  7. Margaret J. Reeves
Jefferson appeared in Madison County, Kentucky around 1838 and married Elizabeth, the daughter of Jeremiah Reeves. At that time, the only Reeves in Madison County were descendants of William Reeves' sons, William, Jr. and Jeremiah. Much research has failed to yield information as to Jefferson's identity. The census enumerators repeatedly list him as being born in Kentucky along with the rest of the family but that may have been based upon assumption.

It is curious that Jefferson Reeves, son of John Reeves sold his portion of the land left to him by his father along with his share of the land of his grandfather, Major Holloway of Wake County to his uncle James Holloway in 1837. Jefferson would have been approximately 21 years old and he may have been preparing to leave the area of Wake County. To date, no further record has been found of him. Although based upon additional probate and guardian documents in Wake County, that Jefferson's name was William Jefferson Reeves and it appears that he was living in Wake County as late as the 1850 census.


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1850 Census - District 2, Madison County, Kentucky
1860 Census - Estill County, Kentucky
1870 Census - Estill County, Kentucky
1880 Census - Estill County, Kentucky (HOH - Elizabeth Reves, widow)

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