Reeves, John (1785 VA - 1863 VA)


Reeves, John


Father: George Reeves
Mother: Jane Burton

Birth: 30 Dec 1785, Grayson County, Virginia
Birth Source: George Reeves Probate and gravestone inscription

Death: 9 Aug 1863, Grayson County, Virginia
Death Source: Burial in Lt George Reeves Cemetery, Gravestone Inscription Aged 77 yrs 7 mos 9 ds

Spouse1: Phoebe Osborne, b. 12 Aug 1785, d. 27 Jan 1863, Gravestone Inscription Aged 77 yrs 1 mo 15 ds; wife of John Reeves


Children of John Reeves, Sr. and Phoebe Osborne:
  1. Osborne Reeves, b. 29 Dec 1809, d. 08 Feb 1892, Rebecca Osborne
  2. Lucy Reeves, b. c1810, m. James Gambill
  3. Mahala Reeves, b. c1812, m. Rev. Samuel Plummer
  4. George W. Reeves, b. 25 Apr 1812, m. Caroline Thomas
  5. Jesse Alexander Reeves, b. 1 Sep 1817, d. 1865, m. Charity Reeves
  6. Lydia Reeves, b. 5 Feb 1822 Grayson County, Virginia, m. Alexander Reeves s/o Jesse Reeves
  7. Mary "Polly" Reeves, b. c1814 1825, m. Marshall Calloway
  8. John Reeves, Jr., b. 13 Sep 1828, d. 9 Sep 1854, m. Mary Reeves
For the first time in 1805, the Grayson County Personal Property Tax List includes John Reeves in addition to George Reeves, Sr. and George Reeves, Jr. These three, George, Sr., George, Jr. and John Reeves were listed again on the 1810 Grayson County Tax List.

From the Minutes of the Grayson County, Virginia Court, February of 1812:
A deed from Jesse Reeves, William Reeves, Bartholomew Austin and Ann his wife, Andrew Cox and Prudence his wife, Zachariah Osborne and Charity his wife, Joseph Doughton and Polly his wife, Samuel Phipps and Elizabeth his wife, David Cox and Lucy his wife and Susannah Toliver to John Reeves was proven in Court by three subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded.

Anthony Wheeler, John Reeves and David Cox, Jr. who were summoned to attend this court this day as Grand Jurors were solemnly called but came not, therefore it is ordered that for the said contempt they severally make their fines with his Excellency James Barbour, Esq., governor or chief magistrate of the Commonwealth and his successors by the payment of eigh dollars each to the use of the commonwealth unless they shew cause of their inability to attend at this or the next court. Grayson County, August 25 1812. On 27 October 1812, the Grayson County Court records show that John Reeves and David Cox who were fined at last court for failing to attend as Grand Jurors appeared in court and having shown sufficient cause of their inability to attend are excused.

There are numerous citations in the Grayson County Court records for offenses by a John Reeves and frequently involving Allen Burton (son-in-law of William Reeves) as well which most likely refer to John Reeves the son of William Reeves, not John the son of George Reeves, Sr. Some of the charges are for such serious crimes as horse theft as in May of 1818. Some of the citations refer to both a John Reeves, Sr. and a John Reeves, Jr. which make it extremely difficult to identify the exact John Reeves.


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