Reeves, John (c1766 VA -)

John Reeves

Reeves, John


Father: Isaac Reeves, Sr.
Mother: Margery MMU

Birth: 1766, Virginia probably Mecklenburg County
Birth Source: Recorded in 1787 Tax Lists of Wilkes County as an adult. Father listed on the 1769 list of tithes in Lunenburg County VA.

Death Source:



John Reeves was undoubtedly age 21 prior to the taking of the 1790 census for his is listed as the head of his own household; however, he does not appear to have been married for no wife or children are listed with him.

There are no records of John Reeves in Wilkes County after the 1790 Census. He does not appear in Tennessee with his brother Peter who migrated there after Isaac Reeves' death or in Kentucky and Indiana with his brother James and his descendants.

From the presence of John in Wilkes County Tax Lists, he appears to have left the area after 1790 for no further records are found for him.

Research Notes

This may be the same individual as Reeves_John_1400 who is listed on the Union County, South Carolina census of 1800 and died there in 1814. Union County has a large number of original families from Mecklenburg County, Virginia, and they all settled in the Pinckney/Jonesville area. Ephriam Puckett who had bought Isaac Reeves’s land in Mecklenburg VA in 1765 migrated to Union SC and lived in the same vicinity as John Reeves.


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