Reeves (Reves), John (1809 NC - 1883 NC)

John Reves

Reeves (Reves), John


Father: Jesse Reeves (Reves)
Mother: Elizabeth Obedience "Biddy" Terrell

Birth: 1 Oct 1809, Ashe County, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1833 Will of Jesse Reves and gravestone photo for DOB

Death: 24 Jan 1883, Ashe County, North Carolina
Death Source: Photo of Gravestone in Cranberry Cemetery

Spouse1: Cynthia Baker
Spouse2: Nancy King, m. 7 Nov. 1874


Children of John Reves and Cynthia Baker:
  1. Charity Reeves, b. 1835, m. Andrew McMillan
  2. William B. Reeves, b. 1837
  3. Andrew McMillan Reeves, b. 1839
There is some confusion in various online pedigrees as to which children were born to each of the wives of Jesse Reves. John, born 1809, was the child of Obedience Terrell and is documented as such in a Power of Attorney by John Reeves to Enoch Reves dated 22 Apr 1833. In that document he refers to a suit pending in the superior Court of Chancery for Wythe District of Virginia and gives Enoch the authority “to present for me and the rest of the heirs of Biddy Reves for which deceased I am the Administrator.”

The name of one of the parties in this court case are written incorrectly in the Ashe County deed book and appeared to be "Jermills heirs" but the Grayson County Chancery Court file is clearly referring to the heirs of Timothy Terrell which further documents that John Reeves was a descendant of Timothy Terrell through his daughter Elizabeth Obedience "Biddy" Terrell Reves.

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