Reeves, Lazarus (c1756 - 1827 MS)


Reeves, Lazarus



Birth: c1756
Birth Source: Rev War Pension Record

Death: 1827, probably Pike County, Mississippi
Death Source: Headstone, DAR

Spouse1: Elizabeth Mosely


Children of Lazarus Reeves and Elizabeth Mosely:
  1. John Reeves, b. 14 Apr 1792
  2. Alfred Reeves, b. c1796
  3. Zachariah Reeves, b. 31 Oct 1799

From Passports of Southeastern Pioneers 1770-1823:
Executive Department
Wednesday, March 6, 1811
"This a passport be prepared for Mr. Lazarus Reeves, with his wife and six children from Richland County in the state of South Carolina to travel through the Creek Nation of Indians."

There is an equity case from Richland County, South Carolina from 1817 in which Lazarus Rives was complaining that Samson Russell was trying to sell some land which had been mortgaged to Rives. It contained a copy of the mortgage from Russell to Rives. The mortgage states that Lazarus Rives was "of" Richland County.

There is a rather lengthy equity court case from Fairfield District, South Carolina in which Lazarus "Rieves" and his wife Elizabeth demand that the administrator of the estate of Elizabeth's brother John Mosely finish taking account of the estate and distribute to the heirs. Administrator William A. Belton had not been fulfilling his duties to make an accounting of the estate and give them their share. Belton replies that he is not convinced of her claim of kinship. Belton died May 1827 and so the case fell to his administrator James Rochelle. In June 1827 a petition was presented on behalf of Robert Mosely alleging he and his siblings were children of Joel Mosely who was a brother of John Mosely the deceased. Included in the case is a Power of Attorney from Lazarus which begins: "Know all men by these presents that I Lazarus Rieves of the State of Mississippi Pique County have made constituted and apointed and by these presents do make constitute and apoint and in my place and stead put and depute my friend John Simmons of the State of South Carolina and Fairfield District my true and lawful attorney." In statements from c1822, the case reveals the father of John Mosely and Elizabeth Mosely Rives died "forty or fifty years ago." It also states that the "Rives" family moved to Mississippi 12 or 13 years ago. Land held by John or one of the Mosely brothers in Lancaster County is mentioned.

Lazarus's service in the Revolutionary War was described in his pension record:
Lazarus Reaves Enlisted for the term of eighteen months (day of month nor month recollected) in the year of (not given) in the State of South Carolina in the Company of Rangers under Captain Robert Goodwin the above Term of Service, and one other term of six months under the title of minute men and the said R. Goodwin Captain aforesaid in the Regiment commanded by Colonel William Thompson [sic, William Thomson] in the line of the State of South Carolina in the (not given) Continental establishment that he continued to serve in the said Corps until (not recollected) when he was regularly discharged from the service in the State of South Carolina that he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension except the present that his name is not on the roll of any State except that of the State of South Carolina.

Lazarus had an account audited claim from the Revolutionary War that shows he received ten pounds nineteen shillings for 123 days of militia service as sergeant in 1781 and 1782.

The book Pike county. Mississippi, 1789-1876 contains the following biographical details:
Lazarus Reeves came from South Carolina and Settled on Clear Creek in 1811. This little stream rises west of Summit, running in an eastern direction, emptying into Bogue Chitto near the plantation of Laban Bacot. Lazarus Reeves was the father of John Reeves, who settled on Clear Creek in 1812, and Alfred Reeves, who settled on Topisaw, and Zachariah Reeves, Baptist preacher.

The Bogue Chitto Baptist Church was constituted and located on a place subsequently owned by Alex. McMorris, on the Bogue Chitto River, on the 31st day of October, 1812, by Lazarus Reeves, Annis Dillon, Priscilla Warren, Sarah Norman, John Brent, Sr., William Denman, John Warren, Sarah Thompson, Sarah Denman and David McGraw. This church was afterwards moved to Carters Creek, and Zachariah Reeves was connected with it during his lifetime.

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